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Not for a lack of trying, Alpha Protocol doesn't fully deliver. 0

I really, really love Obsidian, but if there's one undeniable fact, it's that they get completely boned by their publishers nearly every release. After essentially creating the Fallout franchise (with the best entry in the franchise, in my opinion) before they were known as Obsidian, they returned to make New Vegas, which was fantastic, but is treated like a spin-off instead of the true third entry that it is. Knight of the Old Republic 2 could have been just as good, if not better than, the ori...

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A Solid, Fun Time That Falls Short of "Fantastic!" 0

Okay, a disclaimer before I begin- this review will likely have spoilers for Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case West. I'm not sure why you'd be reading a review on Off the Record if you didn't already know the plots of the last few games, but I'll throw this up here just in case.Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is extremely similar to Dead Rising 2, which launched a little over a year before this one. This game is meant only to be a fun distraction- a completely non-canon version of...

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Bad Company Loses Much of it's Charm to Battle With MW2 0

The original Battlefield: Bad Company was just as much a parody of modern video games as it was an actual game. The sequel, in a bid to compete with Call of Duty "the boring generic sequel all the sheep are buying", has decided to grow it's beard, so to speak and has lost alot of it's humor and crazy awesome. No longer will the team drive around the battlefield in a golf cart or search for gold, instead the plot follows Bad Company as they try to stop a Russian warlord from activating a WW2 supe...

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Beter Than it Should Be 0

If you had told me a couple years ago that someone would make a video game based on the universe of Watchmen, I would've smacked you upside the head. If you had told me that game would be a beat 'em up game, I would have layed you out- a beat 'em up of Watchmen? The single most intellegent, though provoking disection of the human psyche available? THE Watchmen? And If you would have told me that this game- Watchmen: The End is Nigh, would rank as one of my favorite comic games ever made, I would...

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