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Shattered Memories is quite possibly one of the best games in the Silent Hill series.

I'd go so far as to say that it's one of the best narrative games I've ever played - especially the Wii version. The fact that it gets ignored or derided because you can't a) shoot things or b) kill enemies annoys me. Granted it has it's faults..the escape sequences are dicey but it's pure psychological horror.

I thought the Wii controls actually helped it. There were some interesting ways they used the motion stuff to immerse the player. And yes, that story was a total mindscrew, really enjoyed it.

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My sister asked me to download it since she doesn't own a PS4 and she wanted to play it. She spent most of the time squeaking (not loud enough to be considered a shriek) or whining that she couldn't play anymore. It was pretty fun for me.

That said I loved Shattered Memories.

Also I think Kojima's sense of humor and overall penchant for "weird-shit" will definitely benefit the Silent Hill universe. At the very least this should be an interesting experiment.

@patrickklepek Do you think the decline of horror games was necessary to elicit this kind of experimentation from developers? Seems somewhat similar to the fighting game situation, where things had slowed to a crawl and then Street Fighter IV came out and put things back into gear.

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I'd also like to take a look at whatever the hell this "game" is. What promotion were the codes from?

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I didn't see a 'LIKE' button, so I had to just quote and say AWESOME.

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What the hell is a lady-type?

These are all lady types.

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Where is resident John Carmack specialist, @brad to weigh in on this story?!

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See, this is why Vinny is the best.

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@fobwashed Wow, that is awesome work. May I ask how you drew the sprites, what program and colors, etc? I'm in school right now going for Game Development and this is just too awesome for me to not try it out.

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@techhits: You are in luck! In the last few days, there have already been a couple of threads asking a similar question, and there are plenty of good answers:



Personally, I highly recommend Fire Emblem: Awakening, the downloadable Pushmo and Crashmo, Super Mario 3D Land(which you got in the bundle), Ocarina of Time(if you haven't already played it), and the new Animal Crossing. :)

THIS PERSON SPEAKS TRUTH! I can't speak to the new Animal Crossing, as I haven't played it, but all the others are fantastic. And PLEASE play Super Mario 3D Land IN 3D, IT IS AWESOME! You don't really need 3D for most of the games, but I'd recommend trying it and seeing how you like it. For example, in Fire Emblem: Awakening I only click on the 3D for those awesome cutscenes then back to 2D for the actual game. Welcome to the club, duder, and don't forget all the awesome DS games you can now play as well!

EDIT: Oh, and if you are a fan of rhythm music games and final fantasy, I HIGHLY recommend Theatrhythm. I'm still confounded by how much I like that dumb idea of a game.

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How are games journalists dropping the ball? I've heard about all these features on the Giant Bombcast. No offense, but your post kind of comes off as an 'XBox One Is Great' editorial, not so much a look at why you think these features haven't been promoted by the games press. Are you sure the people you talk to that ridicule at the mention of XBox One actually follow the industry? I've got friends who are game enthusiasts who probably don't go to any game news sites, they hear only what the internet wants to make a big stink about. That's no fault of the games press. Also I don't believe the argument over pros and cons of the two systems can be rational, preferences shift and users become accustomed to their console of choice. Saying that Microsoft has a solid foundation would cause me to ridicule you because I've grown accustomed to my PSN with it's free multiplayer and free access to Netflix. I am not a multiplayer aficionado, so Sony's is preferable to my circumstances. On the flip side, if I want to venture on to Xbox Live to pick up a new XBLA release, I have to sift through all the advertisements and game menus and hope I chose the right category to find Mark of the Ninja (just for example). But, having stuck with XBox, I imagine you have no problems finding what you want on the Marketplace. But all this doesn't matter, as infrastructure to both consoles' operating system will change SO MUCH, we have no idea whose will be preferable! That's what's so exciting about this year, it's been so long since a generation shift began and we get to see it unfold at the end of the year. My advice is to ignore taunts (because they are uninformed and therefore USELESS) and hold out hope that both companies knock it out of the park and EVERYONE gets the gaming experience they are wishing for. Vote DrBeardface Games-President, 2014.