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#1 Posted by DrBroel (45 posts) -

I can use the PS3 and PC to install other PSone Classics, but not for Suikoden II.

#2 Posted by DrBroel (45 posts) -

It doesn't work on PSP? That's really odd, because I have it installed on my Vita and it boots up to the psp intro test before the game launches.

That makes this so much more frustrating. Because it's not that it doesn't work on the PSP, it's that there is no way to get the game onto the PSP. It sounds like a switch could be flipped somewhere and this could be fixed.

#3 Posted by DrBroel (45 posts) -

What Japaneses licensing nonsense is makings this PS3 and Vita only?

I bought this assuming, being a PS One Classic, it would play on the PSP.

#4 Edited by DrBroel (45 posts) -

So I just bought this but I can't play it on my PSP, I have a PS3 and a PSP but not a Vita. Had intended to play this on a portable. What is going on?

#5 Posted by DrBroel (45 posts) -

They are getting a live orchestra to do the games originally synthesized tracks so that part is being redone.

#6 Posted by DrBroel (45 posts) -

Disney actually let them go through the Lucas Arts vaults and find the original source files for the game. Therefore they aren't upressed but instead the original art without being compressed so it could fit on a CD in the late 90s.

#7 Posted by DrBroel (45 posts) -

This game is phenomenal. The tech web and affinity system offer so much more interesting decisions than a normal 4x game's tech system.

There are three different planet tile sets (lush, dessert, and fungle) which require unique strategies to deal with each. Each tile set has its own unique musical soundtrack which adds to making each planet type feel different.

I love how different the units look at different high affinity levels. Civ military units have never looked this cool before.

#8 Posted by DrBroel (45 posts) -


I definitely would not be getting Bayonneta 2 if it weren't for the reviews.

#9 Posted by DrBroel (45 posts) -

Demon's Souls would get harder if you died because the world tendency would get blacker, giving enemies more HP and higher damage.

#10 Posted by DrBroel (45 posts) -

Androids will just stare at them for ages. So yeah, I used them a lot.

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