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Maybe, use cheat engine to move your save point?

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I liked Transistor more than Bastion. It was a brilliant mix of turn-based and real-time combat. And using abilities to modify other abilities made for very expressive decisions on how to spec your character. In most games, when i'm spec-ing a character for RPG or Tactical combat it only really appeals to the Spike side of my gaming personality. But Transistor really appealed to me from each Johnny, Timmy, and Spike standpoint in different ways.

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Please Stop: Splitting movies up. (The Hobbit is three parts, The last Hunger Games is two parts, the 3rd Avengers is two parts)

Runner Up: Taken and its knock-offs (Taken 3, The Equalizer, John Wick, A Walk Among the Tombstones, The November Man)

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Best Surprise: Noah

Best-Looking Movie: Goodbye to Language 3D

Runners up: Birdman, Winter Sleep, Under the Skin, Maidan, The Immigrant

Best Story: Closed Curtain

Runners up: Listen Up Phillip, Inherent Vice

Best Music: Inherent Vice

Runners Up: Under the Skin, The Strange Little Cat

Best Moment: Avalanche (Force Majeure), Whiplash Ending

Worst Movie: Fury

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This is definitely a step in the right direction.

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14. Cars 2

13. Cars

12,11,10. Toy Story 1/2/3

9. A Bug's Life

8. The Incredibles

7. Monsters, Inc.

6. Monsters University

5. Brave

4. Finding Nemo

3. Up

2. Wall-E

1. Ratatouille

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I can use the PS3 and PC to install other PSone Classics, but not for Suikoden II.

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It doesn't work on PSP? That's really odd, because I have it installed on my Vita and it boots up to the psp intro test before the game launches.

That makes this so much more frustrating. Because it's not that it doesn't work on the PSP, it's that there is no way to get the game onto the PSP. It sounds like a switch could be flipped somewhere and this could be fixed.

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What Japaneses licensing nonsense is makings this PS3 and Vita only?

I bought this assuming, being a PS One Classic, it would play on the PSP.