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Having not played the first one, is there any reason I might want to go back and play the first one before playing this one?

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Dark Cloud 2, Rogue Galaxy, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Grandia II, We Love Katamari, Xenosaga series.

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With no bit of irony, I like this way more than the original version. Well done.

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AC Black Flag PC was the first Ubisoft game that i couldn't easily max out. I had to mess with the setting to get a good performance, which still looked INCREDIBLE! I think the Trials games' problem was something weird where that worked fine on Amd cards but not on Nvidia. But generally i really haven't had too many problem's with ubisoft games. People seem to be blowing the issue out of proportion. I think people are just bitter about Uplay. (and people should channel all that outrage to Games for Windows Live shutting downing and permanently breaking dozens of games).

FYI: I got my computer in July 2010 for $1100 and upgraded its video card in January 2011 spending another $400.

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900p is actually 29% a larger resolution than 792p. Which is more than noticeable.

And 1080p is 44% larger than 900p; or 86% larger than 792p.

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Is there a place in this industry for a solo developer who just can't handle casual hate and knee-jerk snark? The answer is probably no. History is filled with emotionally fragile artists who could not deal with social negativity. Some found a way to work and some just gave up or imploded. But we now live in a time when having a social-media presence is considered vital to make a living so I'm not sure how much we can look to the past for answers.

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@kishinfoulux: thats assuming a lot of things. Maybe ellie is smart enough to realize joel lied to her and their relationship is ruined because of it. Saying it's a happily ever after ending is a fallacy

The real fallacy would be if she believed the lie and gained closure that was independent from her relationship with Joel. That wouldn't be in line with the rest of the story.

What we get instead is an optimistic ending just one that is nuanced enough to not eliminate Ellie's despair towards the world. She is trusting in Joel that she should go on living even though she doesn't believe it herself.

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@defaultprophet said:

I took it to be exactly the opposite. I think she knew Joel was full of it and so realized that he literally cared more about her than the entire human race. That's powerful. That's what she was processing

I completely agree. She knows he's lying. Her "ok" isn't "I believe you", its "I'll go along with this." She has little reason to believe life is worth living but in the end she reluctantly trusts in Joel to go on living anyway.

He is also taking on the burden for her so she doesn't have the whole world on her shoulders.

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@secondpersonshooter: did you play it on normal? Hard was 3 shots and your dead. Trying to kill everyone becomes unfeasable, and sneaking by/running away becomes the better choice. Maybe it was just me, but I think the gameplay fit the story/world perfectly

I played it on hard and at the very end when you are going through a whole army of Fireflies I did find it to break the games realistic narrative. I ended up killing a least 20 guys who were saying stuff like, "It's a massacre!". I might be wrong, but i don't think you can stealth past the guys in the last encounter. It reminded me a lot of the end of spec-op the line when the guys you are killing view you as some sort of unkillable demon.

But that was the only part of the game where the narrative broke for me.

Was anyone else shocked to see in the credits that Nolan North played David? What a performance.

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