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I liked Payback a lot. Even when you take the odd screwjob Women's finish and the odd pacing of the last third of Roman vs AJ into account.

Ryback and Kalysto outdid their Mania match, and the Big Guy had his best match probably ever. That top rope Military Press was legit great and I would not have been mad if that was the finish.

The tag match was unfortunate. There was so much god damn heat in that match that I think it could have ended up being something special. Now that Enzo is not seriously hurt, they might as well use it to build stupid amounts of heat for Vaudevillians.

Sami and Owens felt like the best main roster fight of the year. Those two are destined to fight forever in wrestling Valhalla. Some of the moves were just so brutal looking and just added that layer of hatred the two have for each other.

I was fine with how the IC title match ended. Miz should be winning in the most bullshit or ways, and it builds towards a four way that could be a legit MOTY contender.

I'm going to miss Chris Dadjoke. He reached down deep and channeled early 2000's Jericho for some of his best heel work in a decade.

The Women's match was certainly something. We were even joking in chat about Robinson reffing a Flair match, and then they went all 1999 WCW on us with a screwjob finish!

I really liked the first two thirds of the main event. Reigns puts on a better show when fights kinda like Brock; throwing people around and beating on them. The AJ counter of the Superman punch and Reigns counter of the forearm were two of the best looking sequences I've seen out of WWE this year.

They just followed up a solid slate of Raw's with a good PPV. It'll take a lot more than that to start winning people back, but it's a legit start.

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Hiroshi Yamauchi purchased a majority stake in the team in 1992 as a way to thank the city for being good to Nintendo and to keep the team in the city. Yamauchi is famously known as to never have gone to a single baseball game, even when the Mariners played exhibition games in Japan. Former head of Nintendo of America Howard Lincoln was made the CEO of the team.

Satoru Iwata became the principle owner when Yamauchi died, but his passing last yeah caused Nintendo to look into selling their majority share of the team.

Nintendo will still hold onto 10% ownership, and Howard Lincoln is stepping down as CEO but will remain on the board to represent Nintendo's share of the team.

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Flair was treated today in Boston after getting a cut on his hand at the airport. Only Ric Flair can find a way to get color boarding an airplane.

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@alex: That Tech glitch worked in favor of the show, and a hell of a job on the audible called by you folks to make that whole thing work.

PAXAMANIA was amazing. Kaiju Big Battel was amazing. Pretty amazing weekend all together.

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Just look at the chain on the right of the box. If it's shaped like a question mark, it's a Mimic. Been that way since the first Dark Souls.

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Came in to post that ha.

We should probably do that. I'm already in town if anyone is floating around.

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It really makes you appreciate how the current generation of wrestlers are addicted to video games instead of drugs. The greatest tragedy in wrestling will always be the drug epidemic that Vince fostered and nurtured with the way he operated his company and the style of leadership he exhibits.

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If he feels it's wrong then I am damn glad he is fighting it.

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