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Looks like Kevin Nash is the last inductee to this years Hall of Fame class.

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The combination of the rising costs of development and consumer demands of "bigger and prettier" destroyed that midtier at the beginning of last gen. That was a space that publishers like THQ amd Sony used to thrive in.

There is a lot from the PS2 days of the industry that has vanished. As AAA development constructs more and more, we are going to less to play. The Indies are trying to fill that space, but that is decent of gaming that isn't on the radar for the majority of the market.

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It was just a screwed up, freak accident all together. The dropkick did not look that abnormal, and it just looks like he did not brace himself when he hit the ropes. It is just a terrible situation all around for everyone involved.

If you missed Unprofessional Friday, they announced that they will have an interview with good ole Jim Ross up next week.

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Sun rises, sun sets. Game gets announced, DLC gets announced. It is just the way things are because it works for the publishers.

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Nintendo stock is now up 25% in trading.

This is the best direction for Nintendo to head in. It will get more eyes onto Nintendo made products, and gives them an increased war chest to fund their core business. Add in the Zelda Netflix series that is in the pipeline, and Nintendo is starting to show that they are more than willing to diversify their business.

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About time. If your entire business is based around gaming, then you need to go to where people are playing the games. Mobile is flat out dominating right now, and Nintendo can do well in that space.

I imagine that this is where a lot of their quirky stuff might end up. Stuff like the WarioWare's and the NES Remix's of the world that are already mobile-like titles.

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Larry Zbyszko is the newest inductee into this years Hall of Fame class.

His and Bruno Sammartino's feud was an all time great, and the perfect example at how a little blood can escalate a conflict ten fold.

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It is out of print. Nintendo is not making anymore supply of it.

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NXT will be having a live event the Friday night before Mania near the site of Axxess. Cool for folks heading down there that weekend.

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If you are still questioning the GBEAST studio situation, you just have to watch the Produced panel from PAX. Vinny goes pretty deep on some of the problems that building a studio in a such a corporate environment has. Hell, they had to convince the IT people to allow XB Live access and to allow access to the Giant Bomb chat servers.

This just reminds me the time that Patrick grabbed the content ball and just ran with it. I had no problem with it then, and I have no problem with it now.