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The HHH/Dunn feud is going to be damn interesting in the coming years.

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I've always had Kate Upton pop in my head when I seen that character.

This will get thrown out.

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Terrible decision is they do not release something at the same time. Off screen footage will be recorded by someone there, and it will be up on the internet for everyone to judge. It will give the game some pretty poor press from the start if that recording is lackluster in any way.

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Up and Over unless I am stupid tired and need a rest. I'll sit down at those times.

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@droop said:

Guess I'll post it here then


Guess she deleted the tweets again.

This site cheered and just said "Oh that's just him" when Dave Lang got embarrassingly piss drunk and was on that GDC livestream. Leigh does the same years ago, and she is still bashed for it.

It is pretty damn embarrassing that the community still rides her for that, when is practically celebrates it when it is someone like Lang.

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Night of Champions in September is the big one since that is when a lot of WWE Network subscriptions are up to renewal. Cena/Lesner at SummerSlam, then maybe Lesner/Bryan at NoC?

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If someone buys them, it will a company with a ridiculous amount of capitol, cause this will be a billion+ dollar deal.

It would be Tencent.

What this really means is that the investors have zero confidence in the current leadership. Hopefully this will lead to a change at the top of Capcom.

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John Drake, the Diet Coke powered hype man for Harmonix, announced today that he is gone from Harmonix.