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Night of Champions in September is the big one since that is when a lot of WWE Network subscriptions are up to renewal. Cena/Lesner at SummerSlam, then maybe Lesner/Bryan at NoC?

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If someone buys them, it will a company with a ridiculous amount of capitol, cause this will be a billion+ dollar deal.

It would be Tencent.

What this really means is that the investors have zero confidence in the current leadership. Hopefully this will lead to a change at the top of Capcom.

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John Drake, the Diet Coke powered hype man for Harmonix, announced today that he is gone from Harmonix.


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This shoots right up there with the Orange Box as one of the best gaming values ever. That is a lot of stuff for $60.

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It wasn't immediate. The staff knew it was coming, they just did not know the details. Pachter tweeted because he thought it was going down then, where in fact it was just the start of meetings.

Where the pieces fall after an acquisition is not a thing decided overnight. It just looks even more terrible due to the timing

Good luck to those not staying on. A lot of good talant is out thete that will make any place better.

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All the television time for 3MB was too good to be true.

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What a lot of people do not know is that the Rare of today is radically different from the Rare of then. Even if they were given the green light on a Conker or Banjo title, that talent has walked away.

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I really only have two big things that I think need to come out of the conference.

The first is that Phil Spencer needs to establish that he is truly the right man to right the ship that has been a disastrous PR year for the Xbox brand. Phil is a Microsoft career man, but the times that he was front and center he shown to be a lot more likable and human than Mattrick and the other suits that Microsoft would parade out since Moore left for EA.

Second, they need to show off stuff that will fill that box in 2014. We already know that Sunset Overdrive is coming, as well as Halo something and Forza, but that is a pretty slim offering when looked at more closely. I would like that 2014 not be remembered as a slim as hell year.

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Nothing will beat the joy of Brad winning.