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Drake is singing Barkerville on the stream soon!

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Seriously guys, it was about a water heater.

This is a 120 reply thread about a guy who just wanted to something goofy on a friends live stream.

This gamer/press thing is the most absolute crazy thing I've ever seen.

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I voted Drake because he looks like he can wear a pie well.

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He called and talked about his water heater.

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The $600k mark has been crossed. Tuesday ended up eclipsing the first day of the Kickstarter in total pledges taken.

Harmonix will be doing a live stream at noon EST today on their Twitch channel. Expect some Barkerville from John Drake

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Incredible news, and I am glad that you work for a place that gives you, and Patrick and Alex, the flexibility to do what you do from other parts of the country.

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A $35 tier just went up that comes with $20 PSN money for American accounts.

Today has been the second biggest day fir the Kickstarter, and there is a legitimate chance it can hit it's mark.

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Investors love forward thinking moves in entertainment. You just better keep showing returns on those moves, or you will take it in the wallet, hard.

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Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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