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Will and Norm have been saying since day one of this that small sacrifices would have to be made. They are both alright with taking a small step back and letting Adam and Jaime, two guys whom millions of people instantly recognize, to take center stage of the website. This is an incredible opportunity for Will and Norm's work to reach a marketbase that they never could before. For people to sit back at the computers and bitch and moan about this move is incredibly selfish.

Congrats to Will and Norm, and good luck with the refocused Tested.

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It seems like Screened is still up in the air. Rorie said that he would be taking a call today from the new higher ups, and would tell everyone once he knows what's up. His Twitter has been a rather depressing read the last 24 hours.

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Overlord 2. You actually club baby seals.

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The comments are pretty funny, because a lot of people seem to be blaiming the Giant Bomb guys for this move.

For those folks, it is simply this. They either do this, or they do not exist. Whiskey Media was being sold no matter what, it was about trying to find a place that Giant Bomb and Comic Vine can continue to exist in the form that they do today. Jeff talked about there being several suitors for the site, but they went with CBSi in the end. At the moment, the team is very vehement about things remaining the same, and I have no reason to believe anything else.

I just wish that they could get everyone together for one last show, but seeing how fast the deals got finalized, I understand the impossibility behind it all.

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Dialogue and more War Assets. If you do not do the DLC, then one of the Alliance units has less points towards your War Assets number, since the Alliance had to send them to stop whatever went on.

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I'm still a bit concerned about the future of Matt Rorie. He has yet to post something official about all of this.

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@shiptoncraig said:

I don't get why this is even necessary. It was never required before and it isn't required now.

The fact that he will be walking into the place that kicked him out makes it required.

Also, the people that ran Gamespot back then do not exist. CBSi bought up CNET in 2008.

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CBSi bought out CNET, whom were the ones that were running Gamespot back in 2007. Whoever fired Jeff is long gone.

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I am a bit shocked nothing has come out yet. With their previous titles, we had DLC, or at least an announcement, by now. It seems like they are taking a pretty hefty chance at waiting so long, when more and more people have put this game on the shelf.