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Hopefully this will encourge other developers that migrated to console to release again for the pc.

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Firefox, every new version gets a little bit faster.

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MechWarrior 2:

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Got a 360 and a Wii. Wii hasn't be turned on in about a year or so and the 360 sits under my desk. It maybe gets turned once a month, maybe...

Got the 360 for games that will never come out to PC, notably from Japenese developers, ie Bayonetta, Enslaved, Vanquish etc. Unfortunately, only Bayonetta was worth it to play all the way through.

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Hell yes!!!

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Here we go again, this time it's Serious Sam 3. It activates on STEAM. I've confirmed it. Steam has it for $19.99 today.

This time it's from GetGamesGO. Yes it's legit. Yea I've never heard of them either. It looks Eurogamer owns them.

Anyways, buy the game, they accept Paypal as well and they will email the key to you. I got my key in about 5 minutes after ordering.

Just copy and paste that key in to "Activate a product on Steam" in Steam and your done. You can d/l it from Steam, runs in Steam, is as if you bought it from Steam.

US, UK confirmed and probably most of Europe.


Btw, Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad is $11.99 as well from that site. Registers on Steam too if anyone is interested.


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I finished it as well and it was fine. Not the best, not the worst, average. It was fine.

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  1. Dragon Age 2
  2. Dead Island
  3. Homefront
  4. L.A. Noire
  5. Rage

Probably in that order too.