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Fallout New Vegas for sure. It's DLCs were pretty good, especially Old World Blues.

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8 GB is plenty for gaming. 16 GB is overkill. Load up all your normal applications and look in task manager at your free memory.

Ram is only useful if it's being used. If you have 11-12GB still there free, then it's being wasted.

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@Dany:Ok sure, but isn't the point of the numbers to quickly sum up the written review? So why not use a scale most people are familiar with?

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@Milkman: Wouldn't a better way to think about it be:

5 Stars = 100%

4 Stars = 90%

3 Stars = 80%

2 Stars = 70%

1 Star = 60%


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@drag said:

or ... ignore any political bullshit, don't start feeling entitled to special treatment in the first place, get the game and review it to the best of your abilities.


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Disappointment of the year thread? We talking about DA2 or Rage?

BF3 is fine.

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So a warning to everyone, I picked up Space Marine for $1 with Onlive's promotion. So I started up the game and wanted to check out the mulitplayer modes. I figured since the free co-op DLC was coming this week it would be a good pick up. So when you try to launch the mulitplayer mode in the menu it states: Multiplayer mode is currently disabled.

I went back to the store front and it only states that multiplayer mode is disabled if you click on the "more info" tab. It says mutiplayer mode is "coming soon", however the game was released 9/5/2011. It's almost 2 month later and they still haven't sorted that shit out.

Kinda weak. So any game you buy, make sure you click on the "more info" tab to see if its missing features. Sigh.

Good job Onlive, you successfully got me to try your service with $1 promotion. However you instantly lost me as a repeat consumer because your games are missing modes.

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Lets see, this came out for Xbox360 on October 20, 2010. So they had a year exclusivity deal with MS. I wish us PC gamers didn't have to wait a whole year to play these games that can be easily ported.

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Awesome review. Sums up Rage nicely.