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What about some SPAM?

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I love the fact that "Wack Ass Crew '99" is basically "Bust a Move"

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@darkfury: @g6065: Here here, quality stuff that was way ahead of their time. And some BANGERS to boot.

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My contribution to this discussion

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@Sooty: Thanks a bunch dude!!

Edit: sorry, duder.

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@Sooty: I'm a big fat n00b, so I don't know the easy way to do it. I know that installing windows can be done, every time I tried to do it my computer just runs slow as HELL, so i must be doing something wrong.

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So I currently am in the same sad state as Patrick, as my only source of 'PC' gaming is a Macbook. I know, it's awful and I'm saving money for a computer. But I really really really enjoyed the comedy in the Penny Arcade Adventure games and the Quick Look for Episode 3 has gotten me super pumped. I've been checking their website weekly and I foolishly check the FAQ every time to see if they're still gonna put this game out on Mac. The little "coming to" on the bottom left corner taunts me, WHEN THE HELL IS THIS COMING TO MAC?? I need some good comedy games in my life!

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I'm slightly intoxicated right now and have been playing Torchlight, the click-click-clicking gets a lot more fun with alcohol

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@BrainSonata: Genius! Can I start using that?

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I prefer to call them by their name, but some (few) people are REALLY insistent on being put into that category, and most prefer to add the Q at the end. They prefer being called queer than "bi", which according to them gives off an air of indecision. Also in that category fall some gender queer friends of mine, those who prefer to not be any gender, male or female. Also T isn't fucked up, T is real. People who aren't comfortable with the way they were born should have the right to change that. The concept of gender is dissipating more and more every day, even though sadly there is a strong societal influence to make everyone be "normal" and act "according to god's wishes".