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A Fantastic Masterpiece 0

WOW! Where to start? Sometimes a game comes along and completely shocks you. The story, the atmosphere, the graphics, the sound, everything about a game like this is almost perfect.  I won't give any story elements away because the story in this game is so damn good. Basically you enter the ship and you begin to explore. The more you explore, the more grim your situation becomes and you have to find out what happened on board. The game tells the story in a very unique way. You will see bodies of...

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Dead Space = Dead Awesome 0

This year, we really haven't seen many survival horror games. The latest one was Silent Hill: Homecoming, and it was a pretty good game. Everyone seems to be waiting for Resident Evil 5 (which I don't think is survival horror, but an action game), but if you have the money, you must check out Dead Space. It is one of my favorite games this year and a fantastic survival horror title.The story is that Isaac (protagonist), and some fellow crew members are going to the USG Ishimura to fix what they ...

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Going Home to Silent Hill 0

Silent Hill is one of those games that makes you shudder when you hear the name. When you hear the name Silent Hill, you expect to be disturbed, freaked out and distraught as you trudge through the mind boggling levels and encounter strange creatures.Silent Hill Homecoming continues this tradition of survival horror with a new storyline, new characters and a new town. The story is that Alex Shepard, who recently got discharged from the military, is returning home. He finds out that is little bro...

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The survival horror game to die for (almost literary) 0

The review below contains SPOILERSBoy was I in for a surprise when I went looking for a survival horror game to rent one day. I was looking for a Resident Evil type game to play when I found Silent Hill. I never even heard of this game, I didn't even know what kind of game it was, I just found it at a rental store and rented it, suffice to say, I was shocked, pleased, scared, and overwhelmed all at the same time, and I immediately became a fan of Silent Hill and of the series.So I got home, put ...

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Great new way to experience Silent Hill 0

Silent Hill has been long known as one of the creepiest game series to ever hit consoles. It is one of my most favorite game series, and a great survival horror game.Silent Hill 4 is a little different from the original Silent Hill that we are used to. It's a new way to experience the creepiness of Silent Hill and bold new step for survival horror. First and foremost, it's about a room (It's also about the town Silent Hill, but it's more of an indirect part of the story). The main character is H...

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One of the best and most fun Multiplayer games I have ever played 1

Warhawk is a 3rd person multiplayer only game made by Incognito (the same developer behind the Twisted Metal series). Warhawk can be obtained a couple ways. The first is the disk based version which you get a retail stores and the second way is the download the game by using the PSN. I bought the disk version, just because it's my preference to have a big game like this on a disk.The game can be considered a very fast paced Battlefield 2 in many ways. In Warhawk you can drive a variety of vehicl...

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