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@zevvion: Nah, Jeff wanted to put it on there to thumb his nose at this year's games. Nothing more.

Don't pretend you know what Jeff likes better than he does. He played an extreme amount of Destiny, considering he almost never plays games after he beats them. He's still playing it. He liked it better than most of the games on the list.

I'm pretty sure Jeff directly said on the GotY podcast that putting Destiny in the top 10 would be a fitting commentary on 2014's lackluster games. I think his exact words were "let's do this dark deed". He also played an extreme amount of WWE Supercard and he admits that game is trash too.

Yeah. He said as much.

Nah, he specifically said that he was not supporting Destiny at 10 as a statement, but that by Destiny being in the top 10 it was a statement in and of itself. It made a statement by being at number 10 - it wasn't a statement in and of itself.

Also I love the GOTY podcast for their entertainment value, which in my opinion is high, and don't ever mind much about what is included. I do remember being kinda pissed when they chose GTA IV over MGS4 though...

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That was awesome and made me miss Ryan Mac like nobody's business.

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Yeah Jason's editing during streams has had me rolling around a couple of times already, and he fits in perfectly with the crew in front of camera or behind a microphone. Along with Dan he's seemed to immediately gel with the original duders and really significantly improve the content he's a part of.

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Please show up, please show up...

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@civid: Glad to see yet another discovers that Dan aint just a tinhead attention whore. Hes smart, fun and very devoted to alot of things, he just aint politicly correct and dull like everyone else when he talks.

The truest sentence in this entire thread.

On topic - Brad's opinion of Destiny is self-aware, and anyway we all like things for ephemeral reasons that we can't articulate or even internally justify, so just let him like what he likes and enjoy the discussions and arguments and hissy-fits that arise as a result.

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Love that dude fuck the haters.

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Yes and Bombcast Rewinder

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Surely you must have some insight into it's character, or whatever motivates it. You're it's child.

English is not my native language, but even I can tell, that is the wrong "its."

You are correct, but the way in which "its" works is an edgecase as every other word you had an apostraphe to denote possession but with it you do not.

And that's an exception that most people learn about in their teens. No excuse for writers to make that mistake.