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Love that dude fuck the haters.

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Yes and Bombcast Rewinder

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@corevi said:
@alexandersheen said:

Surely you must have some insight into it's character, or whatever motivates it. You're it's child.

English is not my native language, but even I can tell, that is the wrong "its."

You are correct, but the way in which "its" works is an edgecase as every other word you had an apostraphe to denote possession but with it you do not.

And that's an exception that most people learn about in their teens. No excuse for writers to make that mistake.

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I know everyone's flying out, but to me the perfect GOTY podcast would be Jeff, Brad, Vinny and Dan (and maybe Rorie). That's just a small, passionate group of guys that can have good arguments.

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Just wanted to hop in here to say Arkham Asylum was the best game in the series, Arkham City was a backwards step. Also Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is the best.

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Jason's awesome and I will sign this petition.

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Really liking it so far.

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This is all gross, but I suppose the worst part of it is that they felt the need to implement this based on how the comments were getting.