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One break in the middle of the day, of about 45 minutes, is perfect for me. Any more between and I'd find it hard to get my teeth sunk into a major project. Without that break in the middle I find I tend to slow down in the last hour of the day or so. As a smoker it helps to have a break every five hours or so.

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As an Englishman, I, and many others, would be better off if Scotland left the UK, but for sentimental reasons a lot of people (including myself) want them to stay a part of the Union.

Also, it's scary to think that some people don't see through Alex Salmond's hilariously juvenile tactics. He really has come quite close to lying through his teeth on a lot of points. He's a joke to anyone other than a nationalistic Scotsman. One hell of a politician for this age of sound-bites and shallow interest, though.

I'm don't think the OP understands how monetary systems and currency unions work, as almost all of the text he's written in the original post is really very misguided, at best.

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Yeah I've been wondering this for ages. Obviously I'm more than happy for them to take as long as they want. I imagine it will be something relatively none video game related, judging by what they've been saying recently.

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I don't watch anything from Patrick, or Bombin' The AM, or the 8-4 podcast. But that's it, I try to watch / listen to everything else.

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Thank God that you're now here to save us from ourselves.

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@andrewb said:

I've been onboard with Dan from day one, but I've become convinced that he's the best thing to be added to the site in a very long time. I mean, if you had to lose Vinny from that group of people, Dan is probably the best possible replacement.

This post sums up my feelings. Dan has been an amazing addition to the site and I hope he realises how much he's adding to the content he's in. Brad hosting the bombcast has been fantastic in and of itself, but I don't think it would've had anywhere near as much of a positive reaction if it hadn't been for Dan joining the podcast at the same time.

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All that would happen is, like he said, he wouldn't get scared, he'd find it boring and then people would shout at him for being "jaded" and negative.

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The further we get from its release, the more and more it dawns on me that Burnout Paradise is one of the greatest games of all time.

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Brad you're the best.

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Wow Ryan and Justin were let go damn Ryan is one of the pioneers of Gamespot

Seriously. I can't believe this.