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If it's going to be done like last time - 1 episode randomly every 2-3 months then he shouldn't do it at all in my opinion.

Not sure what you mean by this. The last several (Vault of Glass, Demon's Souls, Volgarr) were all finished fairly promptly.

I'd be interested in seeing an Adventure of Link series- but mostly because I'm dying for some sort of regular video feature that isn't just Dan & Drew again.

What he means by that is that he wanted to make a snarky comment and will pretty much make up stuff in order to do so. It's called 'Being on the Internet - 2015'.

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Thought you were writing an essay about Tested.com for a second.

I just wanted to chip in for a second to say this comment is fucking hilarious.

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I honestly assumed this was satire.

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I'd never heard of Dan before he joined Giant Bomb and he is without a doubt one of my favourite people.

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God damn it I wish I could play this again for the first time. Savour it, and know that I'm over here very, very jealous.

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Brad's having a pretty funny conversation with Casey Malone right now and because it's the 24th day of February as well as the fourth Tuesday in February perhaps that means early bombcast.

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I think cool baby is on that shelf behind Jeff's chair just chilling.

Cool Baby always just chilling.

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The biggest shock for me here was that the username 'frozen' hadn't been taken yet.

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That's awesome!