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This is all gross, but I suppose the worst part of it is that they felt the need to implement this based on how the comments were getting.

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@xseanzx said:

Watched the pix the cat quick look today, and I come back later, and the video is un-posted, and it says it is going to be posted yesterday at 6am.

I have seen this happen a lot lately with videos, and was wondering why it's doing this.

It's likely just the way the top slots are designed. When you click on a video it cycles to the back of the queue and will normally disappear from the top slots. If you go to the videos page the video you're looking for will probably still be there.

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Damn that is sad. Alexis you're undeniably awesome and I'm really gonna miss you. Best of luck in everything you do and please, please come back to Giant Bomb every once in a while.


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It just has to be the Persona 4 Endurance Run.

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I'm so sorry Jeff.

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One break in the middle of the day, of about 45 minutes, is perfect for me. Any more between and I'd find it hard to get my teeth sunk into a major project. Without that break in the middle I find I tend to slow down in the last hour of the day or so. As a smoker it helps to have a break every five hours or so.

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As an Englishman, I, and many others, would be better off if Scotland left the UK, but for sentimental reasons a lot of people (including myself) want them to stay a part of the Union.

Also, it's scary to think that some people don't see through Alex Salmond's hilariously juvenile tactics. He really has come quite close to lying through his teeth on a lot of points. He's a joke to anyone other than a nationalistic Scotsman. One hell of a politician for this age of sound-bites and shallow interest, though.

I'm don't think the OP understands how monetary systems and currency unions work, as almost all of the text he's written in the original post is really very misguided, at best.

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Yeah I've been wondering this for ages. Obviously I'm more than happy for them to take as long as they want. I imagine it will be something relatively none video game related, judging by what they've been saying recently.