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Dan's absolutely awesome, and from the little Jason's shown of himself so far he's great too.

Combined with Alex & Vinny pumping out content this website feels like it has momentum, I'm hoping in a short while we'll have some different, peculiar video series surfacing.

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God damn it that Exzecutable clip is still hilarious as balls.

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I have next to nothing in common with the crew. I rarely play games these days so I don't even really have that in common with them.

I'm probably most similar to Brad in that I have an intense interest in space.

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I've been wanting to write something about this forever.

I have a job in politics. I also, related to this, but seperate, regularly curate discussions between passionate people on fairly incendiary, topical subjects. Sexism, racism, social mobility, immigration, rights, property and thinks of that ilk. This is my life, it's what I wake up and do for around twelve hours, and think about most of the time. It's what my friends and I will often talk about.

This means that when I go to Giant Bomb (the only gaming website I've visited for the last six years), I want to see Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, Brad, Alex, Dave, Drew and Dan talk about video games and energy drinks and just stupid, hilarious stuff. I then want to scan through a hundred comments where you've got a bunch of knowledgeable, funny, friendly people talking about said video games / energy drinks / hilarious / dumb stuff.

When instead I log onto Giant Bomb and it's just amateurish, toxic arguments going on, where each side is so, so blatantly misrepresenting the other side that the discussion is both pointless and embarrassing to everyone who realises how unhelpful it is to be that misrepresentative of each other, it's saddening and very, very off-putting. It puts all moderate, reasonable people off commenting at all, because they know they willl be labelled as taking a side and accused of either being a 'White Knight' or a 'moronic prejudiced man', depending entirely on the views of the person that reads the comment.

Each side is just desperately eager to take offence from something the opposite side does and use it to slander the opposition. Divisiveness is being actively sought by both sides.

I understand people might tell me to just not come to Giant Bomb or not read the forums, and yeah... I suppose maybe I should, but I don't want to. I love Giant Bomb and it's given me more entertainment over the past years of my life than any other website, TV programme or podcast.

I also understand that the games journalists, developers, publishers and others that devote their life to video games, want to talk about more than just video games, and want to be known or heard speaking about bigger issues. My problem is just that that isn't me. I, like most people, talk about these issues in contexts much, much wider and in a far more practical way, so when I come to Giant Bomb I want video games and dumb stuff, and that's what I'm interested in hearing about. Instead it's becoming slightly more like the place where people try and shoehorn all their thoughts on social issues into video games, often in an actively unhelpful way.

God damn that's convoluted, sorry.

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Yeah I found them hugely useful. At least they've been honest and admitted that they just can't be bothered to do that much work for something that they didn't think got the views to justify it.

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Congratulations on the new job Duder!

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I believe it was the promise of working next to one Matthew Kessler that sealed the deal for him.

Congratulations Drake!

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Yeah, it's been an insane week for content and I've enjoyed everything that's come out of the San Francisco and New York offices. Thanks very much Duders!

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I hate Bombin' the AM and pretty much always have so I hope Vinny stays mostly seperate from GB Chicago stuff.

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This might be the funniest thing I've ever seen on this website. Thank you very, very much for sharing.