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I don't watch anything from Patrick, or Bombin' The AM, or the 8-4 podcast. But that's it, I try to watch / listen to everything else.

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Thank God that you're now here to save us from ourselves.

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@andrewb said:

I've been onboard with Dan from day one, but I've become convinced that he's the best thing to be added to the site in a very long time. I mean, if you had to lose Vinny from that group of people, Dan is probably the best possible replacement.

This post sums up my feelings. Dan has been an amazing addition to the site and I hope he realises how much he's adding to the content he's in. Brad hosting the bombcast has been fantastic in and of itself, but I don't think it would've had anywhere near as much of a positive reaction if it hadn't been for Dan joining the podcast at the same time.

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All that would happen is, like he said, he wouldn't get scared, he'd find it boring and then people would shout at him for being "jaded" and negative.

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The further we get from its release, the more and more it dawns on me that Burnout Paradise is one of the greatest games of all time.

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Brad you're the best.

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Wow Ryan and Justin were let go damn Ryan is one of the pioneers of Gamespot

Seriously. I can't believe this.

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Dan's absolutely awesome, and from the little Jason's shown of himself so far he's great too.

Combined with Alex & Vinny pumping out content this website feels like it has momentum, I'm hoping in a short while we'll have some different, peculiar video series surfacing.

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God damn it that Exzecutable clip is still hilarious as balls.

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I have next to nothing in common with the crew. I rarely play games these days so I don't even really have that in common with them.

I'm probably most similar to Brad in that I have an intense interest in space.