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The DVD and Blu-Ray release this Earth Day is NOT 3D, they won't be releasing the 3D version until early next year. Which will actually be the 3rd release, since they plan to release a "special edition" this holiday with all the special features because the Earth Day release will have nothing except the movie.  
Personally, I'm not interested in supporting a studios obvious triple dip scam to squeeze as much money out of the fans as possible. I will not be buying any release of Avatar.    

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Carla Bruni, I don't understand a word she says but I feel hypnotized when she sings. 

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I would recommend Street Thief.

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School. School never changes.

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If you really want Sega to learn a lesson in marketing, they should get in touch with the adult swim people who caused a bomb scare in Boston with their Aqua Teen Hunger Force adds. Epic stuff.

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In case anyone was wondering, the song from this video is an original mix by Ronald Jenkees, called Super-Fun.

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I stopped playing WoW a long time ago, but in my opinion, what Blizzard does with the endgame raid bosses has yet to be topped in any other game. Although that type of complex multi-phase boss might only work in an MMO environment.
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Hey, it's the time of year when everyone is making "of the year" lists and I felt it would be fun to remember our favorite Giant Bomb moments of 2009 and show our appreciation for the staff.
Mine is the "comercial" for the Giant Bomb iPhone application, although the cup o' noodles soaked in NOS contest at the PAX 2009 panel is a close second. 
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They expanded the number of nominations to 10, so if The Hurt Locker is not nominated then something is seriously wrong. I also hope District 9 and Moon will get nominations but that seems less likely.