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Hard to compare a multiplayer game to a single player game.

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I just have console fatigue. I love Zelda but I'm tired of my limited choice of controls. If they ever start making Zelda for PC, I'll buy them all and catch up on the Zelda games I haven't been able to play yet.

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Fallout was boring...

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Yeah the previews didn't do it justice. It ended up being a great movie. My sister came with me and she doesn't even come close to fitting the 'target audience". She came reluctantly and ended up liking it a lot. 
So I guess the movie will fail unless we spread the word ourselves.

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Until Nintendo stops obsessing over motion control, I'm done buying from them. 
My exception is Nintendo DS, but that isn't focusing on the boring motion crap.

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Was excited for too many years. I think it wore off.

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3D without the use of glasses. I like the sound of that. 3D glasses tend to give me headaches. I hope it's the glasses and not the 3D.

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Dang, I was hoping that owning every battle.net game and expansion would increase my chances of getting in. Apparently it didn't.

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My achievements haven't updated for 48 hours now. I'm just wondering how often this is updated on Giantbomb.

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Now we just need Dragon Age PC achievements to be linked to GiantBomb.

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