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Glad you get to be with your family, though I am really sad about this.

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The Kickstarter was for a Dev Kit. Done.

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It really pumps me up that this site (with the exception of Jeff) has come around on these games.

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I've looked at this article like 15 times over the past few days, I still can't believe it

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Such a shock, I don't know what to say. Praying for everybody who was close to him, I never met him but years of video content made it feel like a friend of mine passed.

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So is Nintendo sending out helmets/cameras like that to sites to help them capture Gamepad footage?

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Two days after launch my Target had 1 deluxe in stock so I decided to grab it. Was like 6pm on Tuesday. Bought NSMBU even though I knew I shouldn't

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Let me guess, going to start his own company to make the 'infinity blade killer'

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Thanks EA!

Wow, one of them is quitting to make an online show about brewing beer. Real high brow stuff!