VGC 2011: My Thoughts on #593

With the rules for this year’s Pokémon Video Game World Championships out I thought I should write my own analysis on each Pokémon and keep them in a place I will always have access to. I’ll start with my current favorite. 

#593 Burungeru     
HP:100  Attack:60  Defense:70  Sp. Attack:85  Sp.Defence:105  Speed:60   
#593 Burungeru is the fly in the ointment for most weather/trick room teams. Trick room is easy to see coming and it can trick room itself to cancel the effect. It also has access to hail, which in addition to robbing your opponent of their preferred weather, gives it accurate blizzards that almost all sun/sand teams are weak against. It’s also immune to fake out. 

Its water/ghost typing is great; it gets 6 resistances and 2 immunities (or 5 and 3 with Water Absorb). It does get 4 weaknesses though, notably electric and grass, so it’s a good thing it’s specially bulky.      
#635 Sazandora 
It also has 2 great ability options in Water Absorb and Cursed Body. Though Water absorb may only be useful when partnered with a surfing #635 (Sazandora). Cursed Body helps cover its weak physical defense, as well as limit your opponent’s options, especially if they were taunted. 

Offensively it’s a little weak, though it does have a few lovely options. 
• Water Spout might not be as frightening as it was last year on Kyogre, but it still packs a punch. Again this is great with surfing Sazandora refilling it’s health, just a shame grass is so common.
• Boiling Water gets STAB and a 30% chance to burn.
• Ice Beam/Blizzard have great coverage. While blizzard is stronger and hits two Pokémon at once, it really should only be used in hail because of its piss poor accuracy.
Being able to shut down any setups, hit hard, take a beating, and even support and setup itself with Toxic/Taunt/Safegaurd/Trick Room/Will-o-wisp/Hail/Mist, there really isn’t a team Burungeru couldn’t find a home on. It just might be the most versatile Pokémon this generation.