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Quick question, obliviously these rules are not standard format but is it still doubles at least?

I'm getting ready for Seattle regionals next month and if this is doubles then the rules are close enough for it to be decent practice.

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My friends list filled up, so now I'm deleting people in this thread that didn't add me back yet to clear space. Will continue adding new posters.

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Trainer name: Agriculture

FC: 4253-4882-4680

Version: X

Adding everyone because I need some more Safari mons. I'll be spamming O-Powers to anyone that adds me back.

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Everyone thank @iBidoof on twitter for the stream.

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5th Gen Move Tutors and TM95 are all I care about.

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You're doing it right. Another player around your level that hasn't beaten those bosses can summon you. Being that the game has been out for a while, the probability of you actually getting summoned quickly is significantly reduced.

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Maybe Allegiance? I don't remember that as a demo on anything though.

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Hellbender demo came with 95. Actually the sequel to Fury 3.

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@Dylabaloo said:

You can't pirate an opinion, he said it because he wants people to hear it regardless of where he said it. "Cowabunga" I have not paid for episodes of The Teenage Mutant Ninja (Hero) Turtles but I am more than free to recite their opinions. Freedom of speech.

Of course that blurb isn’t piracy, I was merely making an observation. Having said that, there is a line where it comes to quotes. How much of a book can you post online before it’s piracy, a page? A chapter?