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the laning phase is hugely enjoyable

Really? This is my least favorite part of League, which is why I play ARAM and main support in Rift, haha. Heroes does sound interesting though, I'll probably check it out when it gets out of Beta.

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Maaaaybeeee. I certainly enjoy watching the LCS, but it's similar with football for me- I liked watching it, but doing fantasy stuff was one step too far. Plus I'm afraid I'd get too into it.

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Nine Lives + Blank Card + Suicide King on the Chest = all the items you could ever want.

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I had this issue while jumping into MCC. I haven't played an FPS regularly in quite some time, but couldn't pass up the nostalgia. My previous enjoyment of the Halo series came from playing with my brother and constantly winning. My skills now, however, have deteriorated greatly and it's very depressing so I've moved on to other genres.

(Not to mention that MCC is still borked.)

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Hey guys, can I join your Real Platinum God club? Finally finished it with Super Bandage being the last item of course.

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@beachthunder: Nice job! I hope for the sake of everyone's sanity that there will be no Lost achievements in the expansion...

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@beachthunder: I feel your pain. Unfortunately there is a lot of luck involved. I just beat boss rush mode with him- I was guppy and only had two damage upgrades, but that was enough. There were nights where I was 50+ runs in, I would get mom's knife on the first floor, then die before I got to the first boss because my brain was fried. I even managed to mess up a Relic Shield + Stop Watch run...

Every single Lost run I won was due to guppy so don't be afraid of those curse rooms and don't pass up on items that allow you to teleport out of them (tarrot cards, teleporter) or items that can get you out of them for free (book of shadows, unicorn stump, etc.)

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Can someone confirm- I can't seem to be able to bomb into special rooms (item, mob trap, curse room, etc.) from the secret room anymore. Was this changed in the last patch?

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Ludovico Technique + Azazel is even more messed up than orbiting tears + Azazel. It basically reduces all rooms to sit in the corner and melt everything with one gigantic never-ending circular brimstone.

Ha, I just got that for the first time today! Also finally beat Blue Baby with The Lost, all you need is a little help from Guppy. I can't wait until I never have to play The Lost again...

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How has nobody mentioned Mom's Knife + Brimstone? Unless I missed it... Shooting a stream of knives! So awesome.