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I spend about 99% of my time in ARAM, but I do like the update. It instantly reminded me of Dawngate. As @tobbrobb stated, the characters do seem a bit out of place now, that might be the point though? They mentioned wanting the characters and skills to really pop from the background so that could be why...

The new Dragon and Baron look great!

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@welding said:

I don't think it's something that you can get into easily. I work in games and have worked with and been at many developers' studios, and not one had an inside testing apartment.

This all depends on the studio and type of game being made, for sure. I know companies that make MOBAs have dedicated in-house QA positions and have hired multiple people with zero experience in games before-hand.

Some companies treat their QA great, but not many. My best advice, tailor your resume and cover letter directly to what that studio does and needs and try to make connections in the industry. Oh, also luck. Good luck!

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You can kill the shop keeper easily and without taking damage by hugging the wall right above him while jumping and whipping on your way down. This will cause him to drop his shotgun and become stunned, which will allow you to grab that shotgun and blast him in the face.

An alternate method is to stand right in front of him and whip him, which will have the same affect as above, but he will hit you for one point of damage.

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Took some time, but at a point I got a good run through, got to the second to last level and for some reason (I don't really know why...) went back to level one... Anyway, point is, it's totally fine by yourself. At some point you'll get a good run. Sometimes they will be really crappy, you'll die on the first level...

When you get to that second to last warp it gives you the option to go through all the levels again or to warp to the last level. The problem I've had multiple times is hitting the same key it always prompts to go to the next level, which is assigned to replaying through again, which is frustrating.

This game has some design issues, but I'm still enjoying it with a partner or two. By yourself it's more about the luck of the items you find than the skill you have, which is my main complaint.

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@zero_ said:

@meepasaurus said:

After sadly seeing the past two community GB games fall apart, this sounds like a pretty great idea. The scope of this seems totally reasonable too, so hopefully the other users who were working on those past projects will show some interest here as well. Unity is pretty easy to program and knock out prototypes in, so I definitely recommend that. I'm more of a 3D artist, but I can try to help out if this gets off the ground.

What happened to the previous games and what were they about? Developing a game with people you don't know with different time zones is neigh impossible.

They kind of petered out. Like you said, having people from different times zones with lives of their own makes it difficult to sustain a project. The game was planned to be a very simple rpg with unique battle mechanics.

On topic: My skills are in the 3d arena or animating 2d objects in 3d space and Unity, but I wish you luck!

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@nux: Thanks! I've been wanting to try this game for a long while.

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Yep, Super Mario World. Nostalgia, of course, plays into this fairly heavily. 23 years give or take.

Same, but I don't think nostalgia is as much of a factor for me. The controls are so tight and it's a game I can come back to again and again. I've been gaming for ~20 years.

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The loot is not the only issue this game has. There is no late game content and nothing to spend money on. Once you get to about level 40 and you have people that know what they're doing, even on overkill difficulty the missions are a cake walk. I'm still under the belief that they released the game early to get out of the way of bigger games, but it is a discount title if that counts for anything.

I haven't played since hitting level 70 something, but they do update multiple times a week so I still have hope that they're listening to the community and will deliver fixes even if it's a little delayed.

Edit: They actually just had an update today "There now is a higher chance to drop weapon mods for weapons you currently own".

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@tesla said:

First, know your measurements. Research tailors/alteration places that have good reviews in your area and get to know them. Most places you can go in and just ask for your body measurements like inseam, waist, sleeve, shoulder, etc. Just getting your measurements should be cheap (free sometimes if you go to a mom and pop type place). Knowing these are vital for online shopping, which is where you can get the best quality for good prices many times. Knowing your measurements also allows you to buy clothes that truly fit, which is the most important thing. Fancy clothes still look bad if they're too tight or baggy.

As for what clothes to buy, the best place to start would be with the basics. It sounds obvious, but there are certain staples that are timeless and go with a lot of things and different styles:

1. Dark indigo jeans

2. Khaki and Navy colored chinos (no pleats)

3. Khaki and Navy colored shorts (no cargo)

3. Solid color tshirts and polos (no brands/graphics, you want versatile to build a foundation)

4. White canvas sneakers and brown or black boots of some kind

From there you can use your existing clothes and just build your own style one piece of clothing at a time. A lot of what you wear depends on the climate of where you live. As someone who lives in Florida, I have more linen and seersucker shirts than someone who lives in a colder and less humid climate. Check out various style forums to learn more once you get going, and don't feel like what you read are hard and fast rules. You can break the rules, but you do have to learn them before you are able to do that effectively. Have fun!

Bingo, this guy gets it. One other thing- try not to buy complete outfits at one store. It will be tempting to wear that outfit every time you see it in your closet, but buying things you can mix and match lets you get a lot of mileage out of only a few different items.