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There really was no reason to mention the handgun that you own. From the way you tell it, it makes it sound as if you find reasons to tell people about your gun. I hate when people do that kind of thing.

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I have not bought an EA game for nearly 3 years and there has not been a single game that has made me want to end the good fight. The aforementioned Madden 2010 was the last one I bought from them.

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asking PC gamers about computers will result in the same answer every single time, no matter what question you ask.

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Madden 2010


Never again.

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@ProfessorEss: I have to clear out my backlog as well before Fall arrives. I'm not planning on getting anything new all summer, unless there is a sale on a game on my want list that I can't pass up. I'm sure I will play Dust 514 quite a bit when that comes out as well.

I'm currently playing through Uncharted 3. It was collecting dust for some months before I got around to playing it. You should do that next. The Uncharted series are such good games.

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If you don't have a current gen console, and are thinking about buying one, get a PS3 immediately. You will not regret.

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1. Super Nintendo

2. N64

3. PS3

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@zombie2011 said:

I got Enslaved for $2.

How did you pull that off? That was a pretty good game, I enjoyed it.

Anyways, I got Final Fantasy XIII for $10 at Best Buy when Final Fantasy XIII-2 came out. They always run deals on previous iterations of a game when a new game in the franchise comes out. But anyways, just this week I sold it back to them for $12! Lolololol. All of this week they were doing 100% bonus trade-in credit on all games. And this is why if you still go to Gamestop, you should stop immediately.

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@DeF: Except it's not a fling at all. They have known each other for a year and now that they finally kissed, he is meeting her son. OP is trying to be a responsible adult about the situation. Normally I would be all for the "sex now, ask questions later" route, but that doesn't seem fitting here.

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Yar har, we be pirates, hand over all your loot and treasure.