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Good. Fuck EA, this is a terrible service.

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I'm sorry. Vinny and Jeff were a package deal for me. After Ryan's passing, they were the reason I came to this site. While neither of them are leaving the site, I can safely say that I'm just done. Thanks for the years of taking my money and turning it into hilarity, but as much as I like Jeff and Vinny, I don't think the services rendered would be worth my cash any longer. Thanks for everything, though.

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@alecofthewest: I agree. Breaking up the best personality combo for this "personality driven" site is probably the worst idea they've ever had.

It's been fun, guys, but I'm pretty sure Giant Bomb is over.

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This is about $69/mo in Oklahoma City, OK. You know, when it's working properly and I don't have random packet loss. Which hasn't happened in a while, fortunately.

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Well, I was looking forward to the future of Oculus Rift. Now I understand that this is stupid garbage shit and will never amount to anything good.

I wonder how many Facebook credits this will go for.

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First off, I love this game. I think it's the third great Souls game that From Software has made. I understand that there are problems with the series that have been prevalent through the series, such as twinkers (people with high-end gear at low SL invaders) and whatnot. But why did they feel the need to solve this problem by creating another, much bigger problem?

I enjoyed this game on my first playthrough. I completed it in a few days, but now I've created a second character to do PvP and Co-op. I mostly avoided summoning dudes or putting down my sign the first time through. I summoned for one fight and it totally trivialized it, so I avoided it for the remainder of the playthrough. But now, I'm looking for some PvP and jolly cooperation. Things were going well until I amassed almost 2 million souls on my SL 80 character. This isn't a difficult task, just requires some successful sunbro-ing and defeating bosses. Now, I am unable to summon almost anywhere, and I get next to no hits on my white sign soapstone. I got frustrated, and decided to try PvP. Alas, nothing happens.

I'm not saying that Soul Memory isn't a good idea in theory, but given the variety of ways one can protect themselves from invaders (burning effigies, blue covenant, etc.) it is totally unnecessary at higher SLs. Who is being protected at SL 60+ by soul memory? Nobody. Who is being hurt? People that want to enjoy the online components of the game (like 80% of the players, at least.) I have this SL 80 sunbro character that is essentially useless now because I cannot summon or be summoned. Great. Thanks for your help, From Software.

We need to get their attention and get this changed or removed. I am far from the only person that has complaints about this. If you want to have a better game experience, help everyone out by signing this petition:


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Soul memory. Period.

Needs to be completely removed from the game. It is terrible.

I did a lot of co-oping and now my Soul Memory is too high to summon, be invaded, or be summoned. Now this character, that is SL 78, by the way, has no point in existing. Thanks From Software, you really stopped those low level twinkers!

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@sterling said:

You people are insane.

What this guy says, I think this game looks great. It's no Frostbite or CryEngine game, but it looks like a billion times better than Dark Souls 1. Seriously, though, when you're playing the game, you aren't going to be looking at anything except your health/stamina and the enemy that's eating you alive anyway.

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All the modes are fun. Playing in the competitive mode (which is temporarily disabled) is the most fun. The game mode there is Annihilation, and it's a tremendous blast. Don't disregard a fun game because it has one thing you don't like about it.

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@rafaelfc said:

I'm just curious to see how the "all invasions at all times" thing will work out when a lot of people are playing the game. In theory it sounds like the worst idea ever.

P.s.: I always hated invasions and never had any fun with it even when I succesfully beat the invaders. I wish they'd get rid of PvP entirelly in these games.

Could you imagine the shitstorm that would stir up?

There is a reason that it's a major staple of the series. It's fun as hell. If you put a little effort into learning how to do it, you'd probably enjoy it, too.