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I've been playing this for hours unlocking things and have been ok so far. I switched my controls so that the jumps are X and A and special is Y and attack is B.

I have the same layout and I find that it did help alot.

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@fattony12000: I sent a request for NA west for PS4

bungie.net name : drgrumbles

PSN name: drgrumbles76

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Does anyone have a spare NA code? I'd greatly appreciate if someone had an extra they could pm me. Thanks in advance for any kind duder.

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PSN ID: drgrumbles76

Time Zone: Pacific (California)

Diablo 3 and Destiny. :)

See you online duders!

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PSN drgrumbles76

Have 2 70s and working on a crusader. I send gifts daily to online people.

Add me duders.

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I need more friends. Daily player that gives gifts!

PSN: drgrumbles76

hope to see some duders that want to play!

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@mb said:

@dallas_raines said:

See, Pachter isn't always wrong.

Neither is a broken watch.

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

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Laguna Hills, CA USA

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I got the game the day it came out and while the content is low in the number of courses there still feels like there is enough to do.

I think the season pass thing is a rip off. they are making you pay 45$ for a game that world be normally 30-35$. Paid DLC is always tricky. I always fell like they hold back parts of the game so they can just sell it to you later.

If you enjoy the Mario sports games you'll probably like this. I'm just sad that even though Camelot did this game it isn't as RPG rich as the one they did on GBA,