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here since it was just a blog with the arrow pointing down podcast, that was basically an energy drink review. Man I miss those times.

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I've been playing this for hours unlocking things and have been ok so far. I switched my controls so that the jumps are X and A and special is Y and attack is B.

I have the same layout and I find that it did help alot.

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@fattony12000: I sent a request for NA west for PS4

bungie.net name : drgrumbles

PSN name: drgrumbles76

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Does anyone have a spare NA code? I'd greatly appreciate if someone had an extra they could pm me. Thanks in advance for any kind duder.

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PSN ID: drgrumbles76

Time Zone: Pacific (California)

Diablo 3 and Destiny. :)

See you online duders!

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PSN drgrumbles76

Have 2 70s and working on a crusader. I send gifts daily to online people.

Add me duders.

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I need more friends. Daily player that gives gifts!

PSN: drgrumbles76

hope to see some duders that want to play!