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That Ravaged clip is still one of my favorite Giant Bomb moments ever.

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The form factor and the matte finish on the new one is pretty fantastic. I still have an old one, but my roommate has a new one, so I've futzed with both and short of the slightly lower quality screen, the new one is much much better.

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As someone who's been into this series for a while, I'm so freaking happy to hear so many new players are now seeing what makes this series so fun. Keep it up! You've got hundreds of hours of game left to see and enjoy!

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I live next to one of the largest malls in the world, and Yik Yak posts here are organized into 3 different catagories: people complaining about working at said mall, people looking to buy/sell drugs, and legitimate comments about eggplant

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Quadrilateral Cowboy should be on that list too for this year.

But, as other people have said, it will be hard to be another 1998. I mean, we have some very close contenders with 2001 and 2007, but the amount of true, raw, classics will be hard to both surmount, as well as estimate until long after the year is done.

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It was a few weeks ago, but Imitation Game is fantastic. Clearly throws some heavy drama in there to make more of a Hollywood movie, but as a semi-bio pic it really stands up. Also Automabic Fendersnarch is goddamn incredible.


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@corevi: Dat Sausalito basement.

Also "Alright, who wants to play Street Fighter". Man, I'm getting nostalgia out of that.

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@subwayd said:

@driadon: It's been bugging me as well. Gone sifting through as many baseball management games as I could but found nothing.

They're either abstract simulations or the graphics are more realistic. Out of interest, do you have any memory of how you got the game? If it was, say, an old flash/shockwave game, downloaded shareware or a budget title, I imagine it'd be significantly harder to track down compared to the kind of games that got wide releases.

It was a Free-To-Play downloadable executable, PC only if I remember right. Oh! it had a browser based community site where you could go find games in progress, ect, and if you went to watch that game it'd launch the game on your PC and connect you to the game live.

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So I've been on a BIIIIG baseball kick, specifically trying to find a good middle ground with management while still being able to see the action and, well, manage accordingly. And in my search and ended up feeling a large nostalgia for a PC game I remember playing back in 2003-2004ish that I just can't remember the name of or find any trace of anywhere on Google.

The key components I remember was that it was not actively played, every game was simulated, but you could watch the game in real time (and played in real time). The players animated, all was in an isometric 2D plane. The art style was similar to that recently released Super Mega baseball, though toned down; all players had comically large broad shoulders and tiny legs. It had a few modern free-to-play elements in that the players could only train so much in a day, displayed with a pie chart of their remaining stamina for the day when clicked on during training. When a player had trained enough to gain some skill points, little blue stars would rain above their heads.


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@mason20 said:

So E-Town or Cowtown eh? What about Red Deer? No, wait, forget I even mentioned it...

Your Donut Mill is amazing.