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@onarum: From what I've gathered second-hand, it's a brewing civil war type thing in one part of the galaxy. I seriously doubt it'd effect anything significantly outside that area; maybe some nearby trade spots.

Nobody really knows how it works, either. There's a big thread on their forums with over 100 people taking part, trying to get the war started, but missions seem to affect reputation / influence randomly and nothing ever seems to happen due to that.

I haven't noticed anything in my corner of Federation space.

That first major event may be a bit different, but from what I've gathered about the influence system, it isn't random. What factors in are the faction itself that is actually asking you to do the job, and what the job entails. For example, I was at an Independent controlled system, whos major influencing faction was a kind of small pirate group (as such slaves, and whatnot, where legal there). However, there is a politcal party there that was still loyal to the Federation, and they had a fetch job up on the board. I took the job and did it, and found that the faction influence had increased by a full percent. Now, that isn't much with just me, but I'm sure if enough people were in that part of space, the system might flip/civil revolt may occur, similar to what we saw in Sol during Gamma.

Also, has anyone gotten guns big enough to take down that capital ship that's going on in the may event?

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How does this compare to X3: Terran Conflict? Any thoughts about the being online requirement? Do you feel like the game needs it to be enjoyed properly?

In a lot of aspects very different, though familiar. There isn't nearly the same level of AI as X3 as the AI doesn't directly affect the economy or social structure of systems, but in retrospect players have much more agency for both, at least early game. A simple mission to give intelligence for the Federation can help quell a civil uprising, which, had it gone through, could make for sudden change in the system as a whole. Once again, though, I'm not sure how the late game looks; I don't know, and don't believe, that players can own stations like the X series that can cause other major shifts.

Either way, at least knowing what systems import what, ect, is WAY easier to figure out so far.

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Cmdr Driadon

As per usual.

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@sbaitso: Tip: if you have a target selected while in FTL, your ship will automatically accelerate and decelerate to be able to drop out of the jump without overshooting it.

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CMDR Driadon: requesting entry, over.

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@capum15: There is a fleet system present in the combat demo, though it doesn't have much to it in there. I'm sure the game itself has more options.

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It feels like ages ago that that game came out. I have a feeling its either going to be Bayonetta 2 or Shadow of Mordor that ends up taking it in the end, but lets be honest, those 3 at the top makes me happy.

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Yeah, I've been waiting years for this to hit. As soon as I heard that former Troika people were making it, I've been super giddy. I wasn't aware there were Let's Plays of this yet, I should check that out.

And now that I have: this is Jagged Alliance and the original Fallouts but in Zombie form. EFFFF YESSSS

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South Park, that Diablo III expansion, and Transistor. I have a sneaking suspicion that Elite Dangerous will also be swept aside since its releasing so late in the year, which is unfortunate; there's so much in that game that makes me giddy. And I do not know if they've gotten onto Persona Q yet to consider it.

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And people argue that new players are useless in PVP. Tides can turn drastically if meta game is played correctly and logistics are figured out, even if it's week old toons in (what I assume are) cruisers just mucking about.