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I would be shocked for a 360 port, and game length is completely unknown at this point. If you're worried about investing in a PS3 for one game, then I suggest you think about the other games on the PS3 or go about getting one second hand. Think about how easy and cheap it was to get a PS2 in 2007 and 2008, I'm sure the PS3 will similar by the time this game hits the west.

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-"Meaty" in a fighting game sense, sure. The exposition is heavy, but the pace swings from doing so are so heavy you may get tired. Also, as FluxwaveZ said, most of the P4 character story modes are nearly word for word the same.

-Easy to pick up if you're just in for the story, quarter circles and auto combos aplenty, and the AI is pretty simple. If you want to play this with other people and be competitive, it's much harder to get into; there's systems for systems in systems so knowing what you can do when is a little nuts

-Play P3. Do it.

-Boneless, because why put work into eating food?

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@xanadu: Sounds kind of like you want S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with less sim.

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It could be game based, as the only thing I tested that with was on the main menu system, which you wouldn't want an over sensitive stick anyway.

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I didn't notice it until I just tried to actively feel for it, and absolutely it does. I don't mind it, though, I'm not playing shooters on the thing.

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I love both, but only in one do we get Vinny putting electrodes down his pants.

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The extra Council missions are freaking brilliant; anyone who's experienced the whale mission will know what I mean. That damn think killed 3 of my top dudes on a normal ironman game where i was owning face and lost no one prior.

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There is a demo for X3 if you want to test the waters. It shows a few different ship classes, mining and building/owning/managing facilities, basic combat, a bit on how the economy is simulated, ect. Keep in mind that the demo is old (2006!) when you give it a go in that so it doesn't completely colour your expectations for Rebirth, as from what they've said there will be some extensive changes to everything that X3 was in this game.

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I have never been in any form of armed combat, nor can I saw I fully comprehend what that would be like, but hearing that ambush and that gunfire made me super antsy in a way a game never has. I can only imagine actually being there in an event like that and how much the disassociation can shift when playing a game like Battlefield.

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The deluxe version comes with the soundtrack...

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