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It's always good to be super skeptical of anything unless you see it playing on a device you know isn't directly from the publisher/developer. (The Destiny Alpha, for example, vs the stage shows)
That said, nothing wrong with being excited by the idea.

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Go further back! Baulder's Gate 2 is not only one of my favorite games of all time, but it's the best Drow dating simulator I know of! I mean, you could romance other characters, but clearly you're wrong if you didn't pick Viconia.

BG2 was pretty good about this, absolutely. Also worth noting that the romance/story elements in Dragon Age 2 are some of the best yet. (putting aside anything else you thought of the game)

The Witcher series also has some pretty good romance options. While, yes, Geralt can still get his freak on otherwise, the actual relationship building felt pretty organic if pursued.

Digital: A Love Story is also not terribly told, especially for an indie visual novel. Worth looking at if nothing is matching to what you're after. Oh, also, it's free.

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6 days a week I do some sort of muscle work, with both a visual and measurable goal. I also would count my bike to work, because my commute is over an hour long each way. 2 hours of biking 5 days a week? Short of goal setting, I would count that as training.

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Finding posts I made 4 years ago about a game I suddenly have nostalgia to play is kind of cool.

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Bah! Had you looked at this 2-3 months ago, you would have this free from Plus. It's a really really cool game, completely worth it if you payed some bucks.

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I love my Wii U. ZombiU is really unique, I've been playing Black Flag on it (which I got for free, so may be a little biased there), plus Monster Hunter is really why I got it and I don't regret that one bit.

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If you have any GFWL issues, attempt to remove everything related to GFWL, including both the marketplace, the redistributable, and everything Silverlight. Once that is done, restart the PC and reinstall it all.

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Where I am, in the summer at least, they generally give a good 10km/h cushion over, though since winter is so bad, during that period we generally go 10km/h UNDER the speed limit when there's snow on the ground.

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