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@xanadu: Sounds kind of like you want S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with less sim.

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It could be game based, as the only thing I tested that with was on the main menu system, which you wouldn't want an over sensitive stick anyway.

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I didn't notice it until I just tried to actively feel for it, and absolutely it does. I don't mind it, though, I'm not playing shooters on the thing.

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I love both, but only in one do we get Vinny putting electrodes down his pants.

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The extra Council missions are freaking brilliant; anyone who's experienced the whale mission will know what I mean. That damn think killed 3 of my top dudes on a normal ironman game where i was owning face and lost no one prior.

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There is a demo for X3 if you want to test the waters. It shows a few different ship classes, mining and building/owning/managing facilities, basic combat, a bit on how the economy is simulated, ect. Keep in mind that the demo is old (2006!) when you give it a go in that so it doesn't completely colour your expectations for Rebirth, as from what they've said there will be some extensive changes to everything that X3 was in this game.

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I have never been in any form of armed combat, nor can I saw I fully comprehend what that would be like, but hearing that ambush and that gunfire made me super antsy in a way a game never has. I can only imagine actually being there in an event like that and how much the disassociation can shift when playing a game like Battlefield.

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The deluxe version comes with the soundtrack...

My house will become 24/7 Life is Beautiful

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Do you find them mostly surfing or with a specific rod?

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I hadn't tried it until I saw this thread. Threw an Abra out there and got a Skitty. That seems super cool. I feel it's a better way to actually get a trade done than accepting the random trade invites that end up being people begging for your starter