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3.99 million.

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Fucking Hawke. I physically raised my fists in the air and started jumping in my seat when they gave me the option to customize her because I assumed she had to be a party member at that point. I guess I should be thankful that she's in it at all and that there is as much DA2 stuff as there is, but goddamn. Even got her too look like an older, scarred up more badass version of what she looked like in my DA2 saves.

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It's real hard to see what's going on sometimes. The camera zooms out like crazy in order to keep everything on screen, which really sucks since a lot of the stages have a ton of bullshit going on that you don't need to see unless you're close to it. 100 bucks sounds like a lot, but it might be worth it.

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Then they discovered that Mega man's up+b is a guaranteed combo breaker and everyone goes back to melee.

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Vic Troy is a cosmic being who travels across the fictional universes of whatever video games I play where you play a character with a certain degree of customizability. He/she inhabits the characters mind and body (Quantum leap or TimeSplitters 2-style and possesses them for the duration of the game.

The Skyrim incarnation is a female nord specializing in running at shit with battle axes and heavy armor. She doesn't remember anything about what her character was up to prior to possessing her at the beginning of Skyrim, though the fact that she's trained in two-handed weapons and armor leads her to guess that she was probably a bandit highwayman or something along those lines. Her Oblivion counterpart, of whose adventures she remembers the broad strokes, was a wood-elf who specialized in sneaking and archery. After getting out of jail at the beginning of Oblivion, she rose to become head of the mages guild, thieves guild and dark brotherhood and eventually aided Martin Septim in ending the oblivion crisis.

Skyrim Vic was upset at seeing how Tamriel had changed since the third era. She believes Skyrim independence to be a bad idea, thinking it'll only make it easier for the Thalmor to continue their conquest of Tamriel if the empire was divided further. Thus, she sides with the legion in the civil war and uses her talents to assist them against the stormcloaks and attack any Thalmor on sight. She remembers how the Divines refused to help her Oblivion incarnation because of her bad deeds and thus chooses to fight for good more often than not; aligning herself with the Dawnguard and choosing not to turn on Paarthurnax because he's a cool cat and Delphine and Grandpa can eat a dick. She did however, join up with and follow through with the Dark Brotherhood; the rewards from the last time she worked with them made it too good an offer to pass up. She justifies the killing of innocents with the fact that the Elder Scrolls-universe clearly has an afterlife for those whose souls aren't trapped on death (the plan was to finish the questline then kill everyone and burn the sanctuary because that seemed like a cool thing to do, but all the brotherhood members became invincible after the questline ended). Vic's adventures in Skyrim are still ongoing, but it's starting to feel like she'll be ripped away from Tamriel again soon.

Because the latest AMD drivers makes Skyrim unplayable but the performance boost in other games is too big to give up.

@rebma90 Do you try to also roleplay as the game progresses? Does that mean you only ever pick up the Talos blessing?

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Men In Black is the song they used parts of early in and before the ending in the last TimeTrotters video. I got real disappointed when they played a mere 10 seconds of it on todays not-friday show but managed to actually find it this time.

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The FIFA video looked like a horrible mush of compression, but I haven't noticed anything like that in anything else.

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Don't post spoilers in the title of the thread.

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