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The FIFA video looked like a horrible mush of compression, but I haven't noticed anything like that in anything else.

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Don't post spoilers in the title of the thread.

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Kalmar, Sweden

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Bought TimeShift for the 360 out of a bargain bin. Boring game by default, but it had a glitch that let you set a real high move speed and jump height which made it a ton of fun.

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I can't wait for this Cesaro/Rusev feud to get underway.

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Well, in Usagi drop the girl plays with the same blocks at daycare that I had, so that's rad. On the other hand, Paul Heyman is the most charismatic motherfucker in the universe and every word that comes out of his mouth is fucking gold.

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$72.449 million

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Steam name - "iamdriam". Show me your moves.

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I've had this game for years and never gotten much opportunity to play it. Maybe this will remedy that.

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I am a premium user who is annoyed that the "Latest stories" list a lot of the time is just a bunch of fucking ads.