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Let's not get confused, SOE is gonna have a make good for it's people paying for DCUO and playing Free Realms...regular old PSN users like me who, oh, I don't know, HAVE BEEN DESPERATE TO LINK MY PS3 COPY OF PORTAL 2 TO MY STEAM ACCOUNT SO I COULD PLAY ON MY PC, they ain't gonna have shit for us, particularly considering that the Supreme Court was all like " yo big business should be able to block class-action lawsuits," something I bet Sony will be happy to invoke.

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PSN if I win, please. 
edit: So raw. Wish I had more time to work on it this weekend.
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I love the easy ones. 

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Thanks for the quote. At least I made some progress on a different quest!
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Mine is working, but it is listing at 1/5.  
Hint for one that hasn't been listed yet: It's the place in HL2 you don't go to. 
edit: Now it says 11, but also says I am at 1/11, so, yeah. Guess something is amiss.

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They should patch it so everyone's clock is always wrong.

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I was saving some of my PSN spacebucks for this, but, nvm. Maybe I'll buy it  when, you know, the game is done.

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I am slogging through the first one, close to controller-throwing. I should probably be thankful I don't have access to these, right?

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