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Your level of knowledge of the:


The classes you don't play as (their health, movement speed, abilities)

Non communicative teamwork and clan teamwork

is not as good as it was in the other games you have played. You will improve over time as you get better at the above 3.

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Wrestling? Not bad, but not great either. Gang beasts? Totally rad and cool. I'd like to see promo videos for the crew and friends get ready to brawl each others' faces off. Do you agree? Lets discuss this amazing idea.

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ASMR is an awesome built in neurological response that exists in some people. You might "have" it, and not even know it! Check out this page or this video to learn more.

I experience ASMR up and down the right side of my spine when someone whispers in my right ear...and thats it! Funny how certain parts of the body react to sounds.

What about you? Definitely check out this phenomenon if you haven't, its an amazing way to get to sleep faster and enjoy some peace in quiet in a whole new way!

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If you want to just see the results, click "about the same" to keep the poll a little balanced.

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I'm confused by this story non story.

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Joined! Add me on PSN! My ID is Driveuplife. Let's kick ass on the moon!

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Good choice on avoiding these games. They're not bad games, they're just not for us.

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This was my first post ever. I think I was mad at 4chan at the time... Oh well. The beginning of a legacy.

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As the creator of this exciting/completely unnecessary original content, here were my choices while I was drinking at the bar.

Jeff the Nurse

Vinny the Fireman

Brad the Priest

Patrick the Bicycle Cop

Alex the Accountant

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I am pretty solid on going digital only this generation.

First off, I don't understand people who say they won't have enough space on their console to fit all the games they'll play. I delete the games I've finished on my PS4 and they're right there in my library if I ever want to download them again. That is way better than having a disc on my shelf for the next 6 years. And as far as digital pricing, its not really a problem in my opinion. Pay a little more for a digital copy that I'll have on my account for the rest of FOREVER.