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Season 3 of Twin Peaks is coming in 2015, didn't you all hear about this?

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Hey it's my topic from 18 months ago!

Since getting the wisdom teeth out I did invisalign. Now I have molars where the wisdom teeth used to be as I got healthier space between my teeth. Modern dentistry and orthodontics are great!

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Bye Patrick. You were an ok guy.

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Why did you write this document?

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@bones8677: I won an Xbox 360 in 2007 by drinking Mountain Dew. The company contests are indeed real.

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I wonder how Annie is doing...

#7 Edited by DriveupLife (922 posts) - about a traditional yoga class? They're really not bad at all. Most of the time you can go to one yoga class for free the first time you visit a yoga studio in your area.

If you really really really feel the need to stay away from "hippy" yoga, then P90X and P90X2 both have great yoga workouts in them.

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Personally I'm not a fan of it but i applaud you for your contribution to the community!

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Your level of knowledge of the:


The classes you don't play as (their health, movement speed, abilities)

Non communicative teamwork and clan teamwork

is not as good as it was in the other games you have played. You will improve over time as you get better at the above 3.

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Wrestling? Not bad, but not great either. Gang beasts? Totally rad and cool. I'd like to see promo videos for the crew and friends get ready to brawl each others' faces off. Do you agree? Lets discuss this amazing idea.