10 Worst Achievements I've Completed

Epic Games leads the charge with 3 achievements, including a double on Gears of War 2. Still, Turning Point wins the war with an achievement that made me question everything in the history of the world.

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Posted by sh00tdabunny

Mile High club for great in COD4. It was much easier then "No Fighting in the War Room", now that one was hell.
Gears on insane was crap. We spent so long in those damn train carts with those exploding wretches.

Posted by Najaf

Mile High is a legit achievement. The feeling when you finish it can not be compared to hardly anything. And if it were not for the achievement, you and I know we would have not felt compelled to stick it out.

Posted by DrivingBj

I'm getting torched for Mile High. I was pretty excited to beat it.