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US East

Mini giant mechs go!!!

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Several hours in,finished my first boss battle.A few things I've noticed so far:

  1. Framerate jump is really nice.So far everything seems to run smoothly,haven't encountered a single hiccup,let alone turn into molasses stew like Dark Souls I.
  2. Mapping jump button to left stick still feels a bit odd,but works better than double tapping run.Curious to try out dual wielding,but having a shield has been a bit of a lifesaver early on.
  3. In regards to some of the graphical/crash issues (HDMI,AMD,etc.) I haven't noticed much.At the moment I haven't tried playing via HDMI,but at the moment my Radeon card hasn't had any problems.I wouldn't mind testing out via HDMI,as well as running the game at different settings to see what happens.
  4. Messaging:Best upgrade of the game by far! that is... Praise the Sun!

As it stands,I've really enjoyed what I've played so far,looking forward to what lies ahead and to what everyone else's thoughts are.

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Today's Headlines

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Niko Bellic Reacts Really Badly to His Proud Mom

Crimson Dragon Didn’t Have Any friends.

now there are no Porsches in Forza 4, It's Because of Scientology

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Lord British is in danger Zone

you might be To Blame.

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I'm impressed,will definitely give it a spin.Curious to see what the mod community can come up with as well.

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Sure,I'll play along.

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Over the past 4+ years,this place has given me a limitless amount of fun and amusement,and a bit of an escape from what makes life so inane.Ryan was such a big part of that.You'll be missed.

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@baillie @mikefightnight I'd like to get in on the next one whenever it happens.I've only got a 360 I'm afraid...gamertag is VectorSpecter.

But yeah,as far as games go:

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend,SCV,TTT2,Third Strike,KOF,and MVC2

Look forward to it!

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This is Chicago.

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Great work!So who gets to drive?