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blizzard sticking it to d2jsp
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james pond
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1. The Burbs 
2. Big Trouble in Little China 
3. Blade Runner
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I'd have rather seen just a follow up to Legend-Underworld.  Those games were good Tomb Raider games.  Nothing stellar or revolutionary, but they were the best games in the series since the original two.  I guess they didn't sell well enough to warrant a third game; so they are going to try yet again to push it in a "new" direction (which predictably is grittier and more realistic).  I doubt  however this will sell markedly better than previous Tomb Raider games, I just think that Lara Croft peaked about a decade ago and is never going to be as relevant again.  That being said, Crystal Dynamics is good at making this type of game.
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the salarian video game salesman on the citadel is the funniest character in the game
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it looks like crap.  it's doubtful there will ever be a single game i'd want to play with this thing.  people say that it has a lot of potential.  i disagree.  i think the very fact that there is no input device limits the things you can do and complexity of games you can make.  besides i dont think they are even going to try to make the types of games I'd want to play anyway.  they are just gonna use this as a wii alternative and try to make a bunch of shovelware aimed at kids and "non-traditional gamers". 
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No one should be complaining about being "ripped off".   First of all the game, minus any DLC, was awesome and well worth the 60 when it came out early this year.  Plus it's still cheaper to get it on the 360 even paying for all the DLC.  Just go to Amazon.com the game is 17.96 new. 

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