Favorite 25ish NES Games

This is a list of my favorite 25 games for the first console I ever owned, the original Nintendo.  I'm really hurting my head trying to remember all of this stuff, but the wiki nature of this site helps a lot.  I might add some more or edit the list if I can think of some more stuff.  But in a premptive measure against possible postings on my wall, I did not "forget" Zelda or Metroid.  I liked the first two Zelda games alright for the NES but never really got into them.  Metroid always got me frustrated, because I'd roll into a room and there would be nothing there and I wouldn't know where to go.  
*i went over 25, ooops.  I kept remembering or finding stuff on this site and was like "oh yeah, that definetly should make the list".  Sue me.

List items

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