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Call of duty: Double Jump

Hooray for mediocrity

Kevin Spacey

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so many years of great work both here and GS.. thank you

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wow really sad

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Other that some weird leveled up Orc King or something that was level 66. once a ran away like a bitch i found it great on UVM with my 61 Commando.

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THey still will be trashed and made fun of hard for the next few months but this is a great move to actually LISTEN..

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The show was disappointing but it really was what I was expecting. Which is why I'm not really judging anything until E3 shows some games. But the consistent negativity and the unclear messaging since the unveil is the worst damn thing.

So Alex basically articulated what I was thinking in article form.

Pretty much this.. that MS show was all the boring parts of an E3 presentation. They could still win or loose big. To early too tell.

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Patrick taking notes from Kotaku? Seems more like their style than GB.

Patrick is a sexism troll/genius..

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@Blimble said:

This is just silly. It is this dam Rock and Roll that is causing violence and perversion. Someone needs to stop this Elvis Presley before he corrupts or children any further

this could be a good thing and put an end to this non sense once and for all.

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This debate is confusing to me. With some ppl and Shane implying\stating "would you pay $60 for the TWD?".. well the game is not $60 so that has nothing to do with anything really. Also "retail $60 games are forced to have longer gameplay times that could drag on".. Again TWD was 12-13 hours long.. that is as long as many full retail games so I dont see Shane's point there. At times no buget or Indie albums win grammy's, or low buget movies win Oscars, why not with games? Im sure Bio-shock or some big buget game will win next year.

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happend to me too