• DRM_LVR posted a message on the post Quick Look: Blue Estate.

    Man, Image has the best line-up of original comic books right now. Why did they choose to have a game made about the lamest series they've got going?

  • DRM_LVR posted a message on the post Unfinished: Heavy Bullets 05/22/2014.

    I'm still on board with the roguelite thing, but I feel like it's been diminishing returns since the initial wave of games. I think what's missing are the underlaying systems that result in unexpecte...

  • DRM_LVR posted a message on the post Tesla Effect Review.

    They probably should have named the "Casual Mode" and "Gamer Mode" options better, cause casual mode is really the way to play this game.

  • DRM_LVR posted a message on the post PAX East 2014: Why Internet Jerks Aren’t Going to Win, And You Can Help.

    I feel that my generation is in large part responsible for a lot of the most hateful stuff on the internet today, and that behind the worst comments you'll probably find a dude in his 30s who definite...

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