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Feels like it's just the Reddit crowd going "UMG SO RANDUM XD" and backing it.

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And here is the mentioned Battlefield video

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I have no nostalgia for old games and find the retro streams pretty boring. The games are so simple that there is little to react to. The random game stream they did during the Steam sale was fantastic. Dan is great though. Loads of good comments and questions. And that fight between Jason and Jeff in SF2T was INTENSE! Looking forward to more.

Oh and fuck Dota. It has ruined Brad. It's all he plays :( Keep that to Daily Dota or what ever, so the people who care can get their game on. Only fun that can come out of it is when Jeff and Dan make fun of it.

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Video games are supposed to be fun. Fun things are fun!

Also screw these jerks that use Twitter (etc) to harass people. I really, really don't get why they do it, or what they get out of it.

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I don't get why anyone is making a big deal out of Giant Bomb hiring more white dudes. As much as Patrick tries, GB is not really influential on video games. It's quick looks and live streams of a bunch of friends playing video games. Who gives a shit.

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Guess I'll post it here then


Guess she deleted the tweets again.

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I barely buy stuff on steam any more. Indie games I buy through the developers humble store (which is almost always cheaper than crappy EU prices) and AAA games I use cd key sellers where the game is like 50% off before it is even out (again compare to shitty EU prices). So Steam sales have kinda lost their spark. Maybe I'll get Walking Dead season 2, Samurai Gunn, Nidhogg and Enslaved.

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These game times are kinda brutal. I really wanted to watch all the games, but a 3am kick off for Ivory Coast and Japan is just too late. Good world cup so far. Huge surprises with Spain-Netherlands and Costa Rice-Uruguay today. Plenty of goals too.