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@jacanuk: Rebecca explicitly tells Clem that the baby isn't his at one point depending on the choices you make. I'm not sure what I did to prompt it, but she definitely straight up told her that the kid isn't Alvin's.

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I'm in on Ultros as New Dad. Is there an easier way to see who's online from a certain Free Company than to individually search their names? I'm currently fishing for invites but it's hard as hell to find someone who's online and able to do so.

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It is seriously fucked up that they spent all of e3 on message with the always online thing, hyping up all of the great benefits of it, only to have this happen. I'm absurdly interested to see what happens now.

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Man, Max Temkin's teeth are really yellow.

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Aren't they supposed to drop the new Instant Game Library titles today? I haven't seen anything about those yet.

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Woooo! I did it! Platinum!

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Yeah I finally, finally beat that one. That one especially is contingent on the notes not being placed in fucked up terrible places. If I got 3 or 4 in a row that were on opposite ends of the stage, I would just suicide because at that point it is impossible to continue. It's disappointing that they designed it that way, because now when I do end up completing a death mode trophy I don't feel nearly as accomplished because I know I couldn't have done it without the random notes being in my favor. It takes away some of the prestige of pulling off such hard levels.

I got on a roll after that level and now the only 3 death mode trophies I have left are for the Beck stages. I hope they aren't too hard. I beat the final deadmau5 one on my first try. B-)

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Death Mode is hard as balls, son.

I'm currently hitting a plateau at Thermogenica Death Mode #2. It's seeming almost impossible to complete this one in enough time, even if you jump perfectly from tower to tower without stopping and get lucky avoiding the electricity.

I wouldn't be so pissed off at this mode if it didn't randomly generate where the coins appear. This makes it so that it's possible for the coins to always appear as far away as possible from each other. This has made some death mode levels literally impossible to complete if you have shitty luck with how the coins get placed. This is an awful design decision, and it has made me rely on getting lucky coin placements to complete some of the levels.

I want to platinum this game so bad though.

Any of you have any advice for this or other Death Mode levels?

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@Claude said:

CBS Interactive owns Gamespot.

Ahahahaha there is no justice in this world.

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This is not an apology. An apology would be him coming out and saying "What I said was completely wrong and there is no reason for anyone to support a culture of rape, especially in a community that already has a reputation for being so insular."

What he said was "I'm sorry, I just felt my right to yell "rape that bitch" was being threatened, so I defended it in a completely scummy way which reflects what a complete piece of shit I probably am in my personal life if I'm willing to say stuff like that on a live broadcast."

It also needs to be said that you don't only alienate women when you use language like that. You alienate friends, family and allies of survivors as well.

Kudos to Patrick for helping bring this issue further into the light. It's important that a lot of gamers be confronted with what a hostile, insular culture we tend to appropriate, especially in regards to sexual violence and other gender issues, often without being at all conscious of it.

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