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This movie was pretty underwhelming. I love James Spader, but Ultron is no Loki. I didn't care about the twins at all. I did think Vision was cool though. The Marvel fatigue has finally caught up with me I think.

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I just killed Adelle the Nun because I didn't want her killing Arianne. Right after I did so, most of the other NPCs in the chapel were cowering, and the chapel dweller (hunchback person) blamed her/himself for the death despite not knowing the cause of it, which I felt really bad about because he or she said that we should become friends after the hunt is over. The NPCs were back to normal once I came back later, but the chapel dweller was still sad. Other than that, I have not noticed any ill effects so far.

This is exactly what I was looking for the answer for. Thanks.

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Question: If I send an NPC to the safehouse, then decide I want to kill them, will it make the other NPC's aggro?

Asking for a friend.

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The pre order bonus is downloadable from the store page, under addons. Its just messenger hats and a partial sound track thing. Its stupid.

Ah, ok. Thanks. I just assumed a code would be emailed to me. I know it's stupid, but if I pay for little top hats, I want little top hats. Thanks again.

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I pre-ordered the game from the Playstation store, but haven't gotten an email about the pre-order bonus. I was expecting a code in an email...I know it's dumb, but I'd like to at least see what it is.

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This game is pretty much review proof. From fans are gonna buy it no matter what.

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@corevi: Weird. It says 4 PM for me, which was 33 minutes ago.

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Shouldn't it have started 20 minutes ago?