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I am in the alpha. It has enough content for a demo but I'm surprised by how bored I became of it. To me it boils down to bits and pieces of what we have already been playing for many years already but it may feel new to people who haven't experienced similar games. It reminds me of Hellgate London, Tribes, WoW and mostly Borderlands. I hope the final version has more strategy than just ducking in and out of the same cover between firing shots for the entirety of most of the fighting. The boss fights are just a grind. Eventually, all it becomes is aim for head or part of body able to take damage, seek cover, kill some wave of adds, shoot boss head some more grinding down his hp very slowly on Legend and look for ammo. Even if you are behind cover you can still take aoe damage in a fairly large radius otherwise the game becomes too easy. The vehicle battles are just ridiculous how simple it is for any decent player to two shot people while sitting pretty safely, so they might want to tweak that a bit, especially when a team of decent players control a bunch of ships. From their dev interviews I don't think they want to figure out how to balance PC players at the moment which is why PC version is unlikely going to be released for a while. Mouse and keyboard in a seamless world that connects all platforms will just wreck everyone on consoles for pvp and pve. In other games pve I've seen people complain about not being able to do anything because the better twitch gamer kills everything pretty quickly. The solution in the past for those games is higher monster hp or scaling players but it just ends up too boring of a grind. I hope this game is better when it is released.

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