Buying games from friends is great

so last week my friend told me he was done with his darksiders game and was going to sell it to gamestop for 15$, so i told him id give him 25 for it. I was thrilled  to get a new game and now he had the money for AVP(lol told him that was a bad idea). So fast forword to today im browsing the darksiders forums and see somthing about codes going live so I look in to it and i find out that there giving away free copies of redfaction . So the first thing I do is call my friend and ask him if he wants the code back because he bought the game , but he told me to just keep the code because his card was maxed out so for a wopping 30$ i got darksiders (witch rocks) and now redfaction for  plus some book for 5$(4 weeks but who cares its free)



woot just picked up FARSCAPE the complete series on dvd for 99 bucks 2 years ago that would have cost me 500$ easy This show was great if you never saw it then you should check it out