Shoot Robots ON THE MOON

In "Moon" For the Nintendo DS: Now $10 Cheaper

As IGN Playboy Matt Cassamassina pointed out in his clever article, DS underdog Moon is now a full 10-spot cheaper. What does that mean exactly? It means that if you have a DS, and are a... hm, connesuier of excellent games, regardless of genre, then you owe it to yourself to pick up this under-the-radar title. It's attention to detail, smooth 60-frames-per-second running, and overwhelmingly atmospheric world are completely deserving of your attention.

Moon is about the government finding a hatch on the moon, and just like in Lost, secrets lie deep inside this hatch.

Look, Renegade Kid is an indy developer. There's like, maybe 20 some odd people in this studio. They have a grade A game here, and for every damn reason, you need to buy this game. Especially if you're one of those snot-nosed punks who complain that the DS only has a bunch of kiddy games. This oughtta shut you up.

Well that was unnecessarily hostile, I'm sorry. But really, you should buy this game.

-Make it a good one.
Randy "Dr. Randle" Marr