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A solid list. Hearthstone has been one of my core games this year, as well!

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Thank you for putting this letter out there, everybody. Jeff, if you don't mind, I'm going to borrow your line about silence not being complicity. I've had a lot of friends trying to push me onto the side of "gamers are shit" and "If you're not tweeting and retweeting about this, you're obviously with them" type mentality, and my entire opinion on this has been to discredit them through ignoring them. I don't want to give them time, or power, and I don't want to risk getting somebody else involved with the negativity. I haven't had the words to quite express why I do what I do, but now I do, thanks to you. I hope, of course, that your words do mean what I think they mean. The last thing I want to do is corrupt them while I'm trying to get my own point across!

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@medacris: I'm with you. I loved DIY but there hasn't been a proper WarioWare game in far too long.

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Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback! Also kicking myself for that its versus it's!

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Say what you will about Phil Fish, but I am super pissed at assholes like this AnnoyedGamer guy who go around like they're the kings of the world, criticizing others for the very things they are doing right there as they talk. Thanks to idiots like him, I'm not getting the sequel to a game I quite enjoyed, and I think that's more damaging to the games industry than any bitching and moaning about quotes for the press.

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I was suffering a terrible depression back in 08, 09. Him and the rest of the crew helped give me something to look forward too every week with the bombcast. It was quite literally the best part of every week. I just can't believe this.

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If by "raising awareness" you mean telling all the people that are already aware of the problem that the problem exists, and then congratulating each other on a job well done, then yes. Yes, that's exactly what happened.

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@PenguinDoctor: Thanks for that feedback. Wasn't sure the balance between too many and not enough. Still sussing that out. I hate walls of text, so I was trying to spruce it up a bit.

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@jozzy: I wasn't talking in terms of -just- hardware. The load times for the OS aren't any worst than I've been experiencing on my 360 every time I want to try and switch applications. Past those first time loads, as I mentioned.

The hard drive space isn't an issue. You can buy whatever hard drive you want and attach that sucker. That's a much better alternative than paying 150 dollars for a 120 gb hard drive. (I'm sure the prices have come down, I haven't searched for one for a long while for the 360). I'm honestly happy with Nintendo's approach to hard drive and memory space, now they just need to get the account system to back it up. And I mentioned the account thing is still busted. And I don't know what games you're referring to, but AC3 runs better on my WiiU then it did on my 360. Granted they both pale in comparison to my PC, which will be where I still get most of my multi-platform games.

And of course the "Bias" and "colors" come flying out. I already explained myself in my post, I'm not doing it again.

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Picked up a WiiU deluxe on launch. So far I've got NSMBWU, Scribblenauts Unlimited, the unfortunately named ZombiU, Batman Arkham City because why not I never played it, and Assassin's creed 3 to kind of benchmark the tech. So far I'm really impressed, but there are three things that get me the most:

1. The streaming services are all best on here. I love using the GamePad to navigate them, but the software could use some work. Also, no more XBOX Live fees to watch things I already subscribe to watch!

2. The Miiverse kind of came out of nowhere and has actually really impressed me. I love just checkin' out what's on there, including the swarm of ridiculously amazing sketches.

3. Day 1 digital downloads for almost every game. It was headline news whenever Sony was able to score a Day 1 digital, and Nintendo just blasted it all out of the gate. I would love to see that trend continue strong.