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It's "more of the same" in the best way possible. 0

MYSTERIOUS! Professor Layton is a gentleman's man. He's a modern day Sherlock Holmes (no wait, they just did that...) He's like a modern day Sherlock Holmes with less explosions and crazy. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, like the titular character, exudes charm as it matches wits with you in the form of brainteasers and riddles. It may be more of the same, but the way the Layton series operates, that's everything anybody could want from a sequel. Diabolical Box finds the clever professo...

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A little game with big, well executed ideas. 0

"She's 7, short black hair." Silent Hill has lost a lot of favor with most fans in recent years. Silent Hill 4 divided the fan base up, with people liking it taking a vast minority. Silent Hill 0rigins was released with little fanfare, despite being a perfectly sound title. Homecoming was a damned train wreck of a game that didn't have a single original thought in it's head. (Not that I'm making my feelings on these games to obvious...)  Shattered Memories comes to us from Climax, and is a breat...

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A sweet escape for platformer fans 0

 The Squeaks  The Kirby franchise has always been full of easy-as-hell games, but it's always maintained a high level of enjoyability and replayability. A large part of that success comes from the charm of the presentation. There's something simple and enjoyable about being an adorable pink puffball inhaling your enemies and taking their powers for your own. Kirby: Squeak Squad forgoes the revolutionary gameplay of Canvas Curse to return to it's platforming roots, resulting in a game that bring...

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Plants and Zombies: A Match Made in Heaven 0

   My review may very well be a little skewed. I've never really played any tower defense style games, so if you're coming to this review wondering if it's that "one more time" tower defense game, I can't really help you. What I can do is assure you that, one way or another, PopCap's latest Plants vs. Zombies is an unmistakably brilliant game, crammed with a surprising amount of charm and content.   The premise behind PvZ is that, in typical view of the future, Zombies have overrun the Earth and...

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A Perfect Fit for Your DSi 0

   I'll say it now, this is what a DSi game in the $2 range should be. Bird and Beans, or Pyoro for those who are as obsessed with the WarioWare franchise as I am, is an addictive, yet simplistic arcade style game. You play as a little red bird with a long tongue and a never ending appetite for beans. You hop along the ground on the bottom while shooting said tongue up at a 45 degree angle to snag the falling beans before they hit the ground. Should you miss them, they remove a chunk of the gro...

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If It's Boring, it's Because You Are. 1

   With the 2nd wave of DSiWare comes Mixed Messages from Activision. The game is essentially a refined version of the traditional Telephone game you might have played when you were younger. The first player is either given a phrase, or makes one up (depending on the number of players) and then must hand the DS over to a second player. That player then draws the subject from that description. Once that's done, you pass it on to the next player (assuming there's still more players), who must then...

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Not As Bad as My Last Colonoscopy 0

Not mine, but certainly funny.    I'm a huge fan of Dr. Mario games, I'll throw that out there right now. Take one quick look at my handle, if you want some evidence. I've played just about every version of the game that's come out, and I have to say, Dr. Mario Express does not stack up as one of the best of them, but it's so damn convenient.    For those who've never had an appointment with the Doctor, let me help you out. Dr. Mario is a drop down puzzle game similar to Tetris, only instead o...

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Good in a Bargain Bin 0

If you're looking for an interesting set of puzzle games, Rainforest is a great place. There's 6 in total, with varying degrees of difficulty and a few minor "achievement" style challenges to complete for each game. All and all, it's more complete than some puzzle game packages, and each one of the games is actually more unique than I thought there would be. There's not a Bejeweled clone to be found. Plus the This is surprisingly relaxing. atmosphere of relaxation is thick; each game is set agai...

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Not So Edgey 0

A competent first-person platformer with some promising ideas, Mirror's Edge eventually nose-dives off of a building and crashes into the pavement... if it's not gunned down by SWAT members, first.      I appreciate it when a game takes a gamble. I always enjoy a new intelligent property, or a complete overhaul to an old property. Mirror's Edge was another of EA's attempts at throwing something new into the mix, bringing you a first-person platformer with a great art style. And if you've playe...

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Albion and On and On 0

   I'll be honest, I never got around to playing the first Fable so I was very quick to find a disconnect when playing Fable II. There was a lot of talk about old guilds and lands that I had no real idea of, and I mention that only because I'm saying that I have no prior Fable experience to base this on. That in mind... Wow. I wasn't sure what to expect, and was less sure when a bird craps on my character in the opening cinematic. What I ended up with far exceeded my expectations, or was at leas...

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You Really Can Never Go Home Again 1

   Silent Hill has a history of two things: somewhat confusing, albeit meaningful stories and scarring you for life. The games have always managed to evoke deep levels of emotion and fear, even when the gameplay itself was a little less than stellar. Let's be honest, the first couple games were only playable in the sense that they got your character from beginning to end. Silent Hill: Homecoming almost ended up completely switching the formula, giving you deep, tight controls with a mostly passa...

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As Sexy as it is Shallow 0

   Imagine that $60 dollars was all it took to buy yourself a super model. She’d be available whenever you want and all you have to do is turn on your Xbox 360. That’s about what you get when you buy Soul Calibur IV: something that looks and plays great, but is about as deep as the disc is thick. Dueling in one of Soul Calibur IV's lush environments.   The nuts and bolts of Soul Calibur IV haven’t really changed; you pit two over-elaborately designed fighters together on a 2D field with the capa...

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On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Awesome 0

    If you find the humor of popular web comic Penny Arcade to be distasteful, too twisted, or not to your liking, than you are in the wrong place. I won’t be able to convince you of Penny Arcade: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode Two’s strongest point: the writing. If you didn’t like Episode One for any reason, again, there’s not really anything I can do for you. The game has improved but it is still the same game.    Now for the rest of us, yes, this game is absolutely worth eve...

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Refraining From Puns... A Dead Space Review 0

  Dead Space manages to borrow from genre specific games and movies, mix in an original storyline, and a chilling Cover of a Dead Space comic bookatmosphere to make one of the most compelling titles on the X-Box 360. It’s one part Resident Evil 4, one-part Aliens, and a whole lot of awesome.    The story of Dead Space starts long before Isaac ever sets foot on the Ishimura in a series of comics, a prequel movie, and an online adventure. You can tell that the developers have a huge world, woven ...

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Crashing Friendships and Castles At The Same Time 0

   If you've ever played any given side-scrolling  beat-em-up, you'll feel right at home. If you remember Donatello yelling "Ohhh, shell shock!," or Haggar's big, burly self beating up the same pallet-swapped baddies for hours on end, or even if you've had a good round of Battletoads, you know the drill. But that's not to say it's resurrected business as usual, far from it. The Behemoth has breathed fresh life into this old genre, attaching a simple leveling mechanic and a truckload of humor to ...

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A Super 4 Stars! Ultra! 0

Kirby Super Star Ultra - US boxart (Look, he's not angry like most US Kirby boxes!)   Yes, this is a remake of the SNES classic Kirby’s Super Star, a collection of games all tied together into one homogeneous piece. I would rate Super Star as one of my favorite games of the 16 bit era, so it’s not hard to see I come to this version with a bit of a plus-side mentality. The fact is this is more than just a port that would have been better served on Wii’s Virtual Console. It’s a complete remake.   ...

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Wario: Shaken, Not Stirred 0

   Wario has come a long way from being a main Mario villain on the Game Boy. The Wario Land series had a slow start, as the first couple were just sluggish, enemy-tossing versions of the classic Mario Formula. It wasn't until Wario Land 4 on the Game Boy Advance that the series really found itself, both in personality and in play. The attitude that became the bizarre micro-game fest that is the Wario Ware Inc. series started here. (Even the sound effects, which were just recycled). The game sti...

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Less Human Than Human 0

   I don't have a problem with Norse Mythology. I don't have a problem with awesome art design. I don't have a problem with epic soundtracks. And I don't have a problem with Crispin Freeman. So why do I have such a problem with Too Human? In the end: It's worst than the sum of it's parts.    Don't take that to mean it's bad, it's just not as good as the expectation set by those combined elements.    In Too Human, you play as Baldur, recently back from the dead, although he has no memory of these...

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Criminally Entertaining 2

One part CSI, One part first-person/survival horror, Condemned is a game that relishes in it's visceral delight and dense atmosphere, while trying to tell an interesting mystery teetering on reality and insanity. You play as Ethan Thomas, FBI crime scene investigator who is following The Matchmaker serial killer. You arrive at the newest crime scene and begin the first of what will be many somewhat useless crime scene investigation sequences. I say useless because the game pretty much tells you...

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"Invaders! Possibly from Space!" 1

Anybody who has the tiniest inkling of video game knowledge more than likely is aware of Space Invaders. It predates even Mario, back when a time when games were simpler. Well that was then and this is now, and people tend to demand a little more bang for their buck out of video games. The Invaders are back for the second time on DS, and to say Taito has kicked things up to a whole new level would be an understatement. Off the bat, you should be familiar with your goal in Space Invaders Extreme...

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