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@tdk08: Definitely have been, I got Amnesia half off a few days ago.
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Because i'm not going to be in town for the 25th this year, we opened presents tonight. My big gift was a 22 inch Dell ST2220M full HD LED monitor. Wow, jumping from 1280x1040 to 1920x1080 is blowing my mind. Can't wait to play some games!

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Thanks guys! I'll check into that. 

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So while I'm playing Amnesia, whenever some kind of an encounter is about to happen i can hear computer start to whir furiously which of course ruins the effect. I guess the solution to this would be to wear headphones but I don't have any that are better than my computer speakers. Would it be worth playing with crappy headphones even if your speakers are better?

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@ajamafalous:  You shove it in your computer, its even waterproof! 
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Lolz got you. 

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@RE_Player92:  I agree with you, I mean i've played a little of the original Starcraft and I enjoyed it but i'm not too much of an RTS guy. But when i started seeing coverage of Starcraft 2 i was just like "Wait that looks EXACTLY the same." I was looking for something that was a little bit different. I'm sure that i sound like a nub to all of those hard core Starcraft players out there but i mean really? And Brad is a total fanboy, i'm sorry. 
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I think they shall add content. Go Blizzard 

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I've done that before with anime. Its my TV show type fix thing. Its bombastic =)
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I just tried that and it didn't work, but i think the only way to completely stop it from running is by uninstalling it which i really don't think is worth it.