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Yeah but weirdly enough it wasn't the soundtrack that sparked a connection in my mind, it was the big red font they used in the opening credits, it looked almost identical to Redemption.

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3-8pm :( because my boss hates Christmas cheer/spirit, working new years as well

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In response to your section on Gears 3 man, I see where you're coming from. I would consider myself a veteran Gears of War player and I've been playing for some years now, although I didn't start playing multiplayer until Gears 2. I understand your grievances on how the shotgun is overbearing on the multiplayer, but you have to remember that, that's kinda what Gears multi is all about. It's best if you think about it as the shotgun being the staple weapon and the rest being more situation specific. I can see how you could find it annoying because constantly being in these shotgun duels or just getting blown up by people with shotguns, means you don't find the time to enjoy other weapons. And well... your right to an extent, but that's not to say there isn't a time and place for every weapon. Gears, I have personally found, is just one of the games where you have to play it a hell of a lot before you become consistently good at it, more so than other shooters. Trust me when I first started playing this all I did was get my ass handed to me. But I eventually got better and through a bit of grinding and trail and error, I learnt how to use most guns in the game proficiently. I'm not going to try and sugar coat it, the multiplayer does boil down to 'let's see who can use their shotgun better' a lot of the time, but that's not necessarily a bad thing and there still is room to use other guns, it just takes practice my man!

Oh and FYI, your way out of line saying Benjamin is the best Carmine. It's clearly Clayton :/

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There's no one specific song I can say I enjoy above all others because there's so many I really enjoy and they all mean different things to me, so it's hard to compare them and say "this is my favourite" but one that does spring to mind and would be at least in the Top 20 for me is Blink 182 - I Miss You

For some reason it strikes an emotional chord with me and makes me pause for thought, regardless of what I'm doing. Thoroughly enjoyable song.

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During the opening moments of Morrowind - "Stand up. There you go. You were dreaming. What's your name?"

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@IAmADwagon said:

  1. Lee, I think it's pretty obvious why.
  2. Larry, because that shit came out of nowhere.
  3. Doug getting shot by Lilly. Yeah, I saved Doug, deal with me.

I saved Doug in Ep.1 too man... and the people who didn't will never understand our pain when he was so tragically ripped away from us :'(

RIP Doug, your weirdness will forever live on.

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I've had an original Xbox controller become super heated and nearly catch fire.

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@FulgoreSenpai said:

I played through RE4 at least 14 times

I can dig that ;)

Hell yeah!

But I know what you mean, I'll squeeze as much enjoyment as possible

Haha I understand you dude :p just try not to let it get to you. Honestly if I raged for every time I've had something spoiled for me I'd have probably died of stress by this point. Sometimes you just gotta let it slide!

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@FulgoreSenpai said:

I played through RE4 at least 14 times

I can dig that ;)

But seriously man don't worry about it to much, I was about your age when FF7 was released and I didn't get it spoiled for me, I was fortunate enough to experience it first hand BUT at the time I was to young to really understand it or fully appreciate it :/ Now I'm older and have the advantage of understanding the game, but unfortunately I already know what happens so in essence I kinda spoiled it for myself. What I'm trying to get at here is it doesn't really matter that you know what happens, even if you had the luxury of playing it before you knew the story, you may not have fully appreciated it. You can say to yourself "if only I was born earlier" but that won't really achieve anything. If a games really great it won't matter what you do or don't know about it, just enjoy the experience :)

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Haunting Ground. Never played it myself but it seems to control very similarly to the RE games.