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This is all courtesy of user willooi over at neogaf:

Just a heads up to San Andreas owners on Steam:

The latest update, coinciding somewhat with the recent 360 re-release, adds native controller support but takes away a lot more.

Highly recommend manually stopping it if you can, as many iconic songs are now gone due to licence expiry purposes (full list below), and older save files may also be affected. More details here (thanks Im_Special).

- Adds support for XInput controllers (Xbox 360 controller)

- Makes "Steering with Mouse" enabled by default

- Removes several songs for all owners

- Removes several resolution options, including 1920x1080 (This was broken in the original version, then fixed in an update - now unfixed with this latest update)

- Loading a game save from the original version just starts a new game

- Occasional crashes during car explosions if another monitor is attached


"Critical Beatdown"


"Running Down A Dream"

"Woman To Woman"

Bounce FM

"You Dropped A Bomb On Me"

"Yum Yum"

"Running Away"

Radio Los Santos

"I Don't Give A f*ck"

"Express Yourself"

Radio X

"Killing in the Name of"


K-Jah West

"Ring My Bell"

"Don't Let It Go To Your Head"

Master Sounds 98.3

"Express Yourself"

"Rock Creek Park"


"Soul Power '74"

"The Payback"

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I'd say to some degree the Souls series.

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Been really digging into Brad lately, long time side project of Shawn Smith and Stone Gossard; they're really fantastic. Shawn Smith's vocals are really fantastic and Stone Gossard is, well, the fucking boss as always :)

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@mirado said:

How can people discuss likes and dislikes of a work of art if the foundations they're built upon are entirely different?

Well, it depends on the degree that you were able to comprehend the work. The examples I gave are extreme, and would obviously diminish or destroy the relevancy of my critique/opinion.

That's the only point I was trying to make. I gave extreme examples as well to illustrate it, I think where you'll find people disagreeing is:

In the end, I think 99% of modifications we make to a game's "experience" are harmless, and the 1% that do break parity shouldn't be removed or vilified as it's personal preference to enable them.

I think whether or not a mod affects the game experience is totally subjective, rather than overwhelmingly harmless. Also, if they had only released this game on the PC where the FOV and aspect ratio could be modded, do you think reviewers would have an obligation to play the game without the mods or, if they did enable the mods from the start, disclose that in their review?

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@thatonedudenick Hip-Hop generally isn't my thing. At All.

But I'm really digging her! Something about her flow and voice just strikes me. And that song has so much emotion and sincerity to it. Thanks for turning me on to that.

Me, I've been on a Paul Weller kick for, well, over a year now. I just can't. stop. listening. Yeah The Jam and The Style Council are great but... his solo stuff is unbelievable. I could post sooo many songs of his that I have fallen in love with, but i'll try to restrain myself :)

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Players enjoying a game is much more important than a developers artistic intent.

I think this is a tricky subject, and I don't agree with the certainty of this statement. Extend that ideal into other creative mediums. A reader decides to pick up a novel and black out every third word throughout the entirety of the book because they get more enjoyment reading it that way. Can he/she really say that they have read that novel after finishing? A moviegoer decides to watch Star Wars but watches it a 2x speed because that's the speed they enjoy watching movies. Can they say they've watched that film? Someone else goes to a gallery to view classic works of art. Instead of viewing these paintings in normal, gallery lighting, they insist on viewing them with a black light on because that is how they enjoy and prefer to look at paintings. Can they say they really saw those paintings?

For the above examples at least, I would argue that no, they haven't "experienced" those works of art. There's no parity between my experience of viewing Star Wars and yours if we don't view it as the director intended us to. How can people discuss likes and dislikes of a work of art if the foundations they're built upon are entirely different?There's the other side to this argument as well that can't be overlooked, of how much are artists allowed to change their works (see George Lucas and Star Wars).

My whole point in writing this is NOT to justify this games use of letterboxing, or to label it as an artistic choice or technical one; the examples above are more extreme then changing the aspect ratio of this game. However the rampant ideal for the disregard of artists intentions running through the majority of these comments troubles me and I hope some people can at least keep an open mind in how important artistic vision can be.

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@xbob42 said:
@yummylee said:

Oh come off it, The Evil Within is obviously a horror game, in that it deals in themes of horror. Just because it's never effectively scary doesn't negate it from being a horror game. RE4 is also still a horror game, as are the Dead Space games, even though most I'm sure don't find them to be especially scary.

Effective scares are the ONLY metric by which I determine a game to be horror. To me, Evil Within is a pure action game, like RE4, which was basically a fucking action comedy. I wouldn't even say Evil Within deals with "themes of horror" so much as "psychological intrigue."

Yeah dude, seriously, come off it. It's a horror title. And to your argument that film directors are forced to use widescreen, that's bullshit too. They choose what aspect ratio they want to shoot in via camera lens, it's entirely an aesthetic and artistic choice. If they wanted to, they could shoot in 4:3, which used to be the norm for TV content and some scattered film content because that was the standard aspect ratio of TV's for years before the advent of DVD popularized widescreen being an acceptable viewing format which in turn shifted the industry to make and consumers to buy widescreen TV's.

All of that however has had no impact on how film directors shoot their pictures, it's always been entirely aesthetic (if not a certain way due to studio or budget constraints also).

EDIT: And I'd like to add that I feel the reason why widescreen DVD's caught on so much as opposed to Full Frame DVD's, which were WIDELY available for a long time, is because of artistic intent. Full Frame DVD's employed the pan & scan technique which resulted in a full picture on your 4:3 TV at the cost of losing a ton of picture information on the sides of the frame. You could still follow the story and characters and action of a film but it made the art of cinematography pointless. I think consumers became wise to this (I worked in a DVD store largely at the time widescreen TV's were catching on and certainly pushed widescreen to anyone I talked to), that they weren't seeing the film as the director intended you to see it, and that's why we have 16:9 TV's today.

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Gotta be Dark Souls, the art direction is just stunning throughout the entirety of that game. Each environment has its own personality yet they fit together so well.

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Classic horror, you can't go wrong with The Shining (Kubrick version) or The Thing (Carpenter version)

New(ish) horror, I don't know about anyone else but I really liked The Midnight Meat Train; love Clive Barker. Also maybe Teeth?

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@ll_exile_ll said:

Well, after two days of ascendant shards from the queen's wrath combined with about 12 dropped in the vault of glass, I was able to fully upgrade all my legendary and exotic armor.

Besides, the loot cave wouldn't be any help in upgrading legendary gear.

First, dismantling Queen's Wrath items for shards is out, they patched that too. Second with no matchmaking for the Vault of Glass, I can't play it. I only have 2 friends that play the game so it's not an option. And third, using the Loot Cave I was able to farm enough shards by getting a few as random drops and breaking down a few legendaries I didn't need.