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I have no idea if they make a product for this, and i cant seem to find the right phrase to search for it if they do but i need help finding one!

I have two electrical outlets and a standing lamp in the office, one electrical outlet is controlled by a switch on the wall so when the lamp is plugged into that outlet i can turn it on and off with the wall switch. Unfortunately i can no longer use that outlet as it is being blocked by a futon now, so the lamp has been moved to a different outlet, no longer controlled by the wall switch. Short of running an extension cord from the one outlet to the lamp, do they make a wireless product that i could plug into both outlets that that might solve this problem? I need help, im vernacularly challenged!

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It looks like an Uncharted clone, right down to the way Lara thinks out loud to herself (Nathan Drake anyone?)

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I was watching Carpenter's The Thing recently (and as a fanboy, dreading the prequel) and was thinking about how cool that environment is for a video game. I then wondered how many games have actually been set in a similar environment, not necessarily Antarctica, but somewhere cold and snowy. Can you guys help me name some and give me your opinion on whether they are worth the time to pick up and play? Don't necessarily have to be in the horror genre either. I can really only come up with 2 games off the top of my head, The Thing video game (which was dubious at best but did have some enjoyable moments) and Lost Planet which i enjoyed. Any other good ones? Or bad ones?

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@fps_veteran said:
 You cannot use massive maps and large-scale combat in BC2:V...  because it is not a PC game & the consol hardware cannot handle the load/environments
MAG. Now that that's outta the way, you do realize that all a console is is a glorified computer, and today's consoles have much better hardware then that of the state of the art desktops being used to run Battlefield 2 years ago when it first came out? Think about that
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Or you can just download the demo off the net, burn it to a cd-r, and play it like the rest of us right now (without online coop that is)...

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Hexpane said: "Pearl Jam may be from the same "era" as soundgarden, but it's 2 diff types of music.   Soundgarden was Seattle grunge, Pearl Jam is more like arena rock.    There are a handful of PJ songs I don't mind like that Old lady in a small town song or whatever, but I find it offensive when people try to tell me that Pearl Jam and Nirvana are the same genre.  Nirvana is a genre defining band, they pioneered the sound of seattle grunge morphed into more pop oriented grunge. 

PJ is more like an Aerosmith type, while Nirvana is more like a Sabbath.  Aerosmith has been around a while, has a ton of fans and plays arena rock, just like PJ.  Sabbath is more influential and important to the history of music.

I love soundgarden, unfortunately that horrid Spoon Man song is their biggest hit.  Awful song and one of the worst they ever wrote..  Jesus Christ Pose, now that is a song"

First, Pearl Jam is not arena rock, of any of the "grunge era" bands to fit that description it would have been STP; while granted they were much more heavily influenced by classic rock than say Nirvana, labeling them as arena rock pretty much overlooks half of the bands catalogue of music, which very much like the Clash, spanned a variety of genres. Second Nirvana DID NOT pioneer the sound of seattle grunge music, they simply brought it to the mainstreams attention,an act that many from the seattle scene resented the band for, and third, saying that Spoonman is awful is about the dumbest fucking thing ive ever read.
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Bout fucking time, id give a testicle to have a full Soundgarden album (preferably Badmotorfinger, Screaming Life/Fopp, Superunknown or Down on the Upside, and in that order) and they should have just made it a three pack and thrown in another track just to make me that much more happy! :)

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The entire Who Pack (it really is that awesome!)
All 3 Clash songs
The Boston Pack (also all great songs)
Interstate Love Song and Sex Type Thing
The Perfect Drug (Both NiN packs are great but this is still my favorite track of the bunch to play)
Bad to the Bone

Those are probably my favorite buys, although i love alot of others that i just cant think of atm