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I have the mouse pad that I got when I bought Max Payne like 50 years ago,

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@monkeyking1969: I absolutely loved the vehicles in the movie and would definitely purchase some die-cast models if they were available. The 'Gigahorse' makes me feel ways in my manly parts and I haven't stopped talking about how cool it is since I saw this movie on Sunday.

This movie is so rad that I'm going to see it again this weekend and I never do that.

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Always be bearding

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@alexw00d said:

Edge Casey is my rapper name.

I thought Edge Casey was a streetwise police detective from The Big Easy who was framed for his wife's murder. He must now evade the law as he tries to solve this horrible crime while protecting the people of New Orleans, the city he loves.

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I clicked on this topic because I thought it said mature "smurf" anime...

I guess that says something about me that I'm not quite prepared to deal with.

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Most recently 363 hours for Kerbal Space Program and 268 hours for Company of Heros

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I'll replay the Metal Gear games every so often, but the game I go back to consistently is Company of Heroes. That combo of WWII and RTS makes it a game hard for me to keep away from. Too bad Company of Heroes 2 wasn't more to my liking.

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Has anyone tried logging out of PSN when playing? Some other forum posts I've read have stated this improved performance. I cannot test it right now myself.

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*Big Boss approved*

Great work!

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PSN: Baron_von_Pork

Timezone: US Central

Playing Destiny (I don't know why either but I continue to do so) will be playing GTA V when it comes out and maybe AC: Unity, I do a lot of stuff with leader boards so that's a thing