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Am I the only one that sees Street FighterS?

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Yeaaa, I'm over these games. Turned into trash real quick.

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I loved Sonic when it first came out. Then I didn't play it for years, I think I only played 1 and 2. Every time I've tried going back to play it since then, I can't stand it. So even though I loved it as a kid, I hate it now.

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@amyggen: Thanks man, it changed for sure. Every one of my points came from images. Oh well, feels good to be back.

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Only checked in here a couple times over the last year or so. I noticed some changes I missed like the wiki points. All I did for contributing to the wiki was upload screen shots for games but now I get 0 points for that? Is the wiki point system dead now? I'll continue either way, just wondering. Also, what ever happened to quests?

Cheers duders!

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I think the WiiU pad should just count as well to avoid confusion. The PS4+Vita combo isn't too far off from that.

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Will people who buy it without Kinect really turn around and buy one for that price? Pretty crazy thought.

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I wish.

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Congrats, you guys have come a long way!