Approaching the end of Crackdown 2

As I approach the end of Crackdown 2 I am losing my interest in the game almost entirely.  The missions are repetitive and I don't really care about my agent as a character.  To top it all of the voice of the agency dude is so damn annoying.  I even hate unlocking achievements in the game because I know he's going to read them off to me and say "that's an achievement!"  Anyhow, this game just really disappoints me because at one point in time I can remember feeling genuinely excited about its announcement.  I was not one of those who bought Crackdown for the Halo 3 beta.  I was actually interested in the game.  Having put some significant time into it, I found it to be one of my most beloved Xbox 360 experiences.  Now, with Crackdown 2, the formula is exhausting.  There has been zero innovation between titles.  For Christ sakes its the same city with the same BUILDINGS! an age when games cost $60 at least give me a new goddamn city.  Anyhow, I'm going to post a review but I am not putting forth the effort to make a video for this one.  I'll save that for Singularity which I should finish by later this week.


Look towards the gaming horizon...It'll be day soon...

So we are finally creeping out of the summer.  Yes that may mean the start of classes and school for most, but it also means we are ebbing from the dismal tides of crap releases and will soon be dipping our toes in the calm waters of the fall release schedule.   For this gamer, the fall season officially kicks off in a few weeks with the release of Rock Band 2.  Then you have Fallout 3, Gears of War 2 and way too many other titles to mention between now and the holiday season.

My friends, I have seen the future.  To my disappointment, it does not include me swinging in a gaming hammock being fed twinkies and yoohoo by supermodels, but it still looks good.