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This is terrible. Met the Giant Bomb crew at PAX a few years back and Ryan was the most receptive to our approach, joking and carrying on. You could tell he really appreciated his position in the gaming world. My thoughts go out to his family, both immediate and Giant Bomb.

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Yeah, this was a tough one to read.

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@Lukeweizer: I hear ya.  The game is not without it's flaws, that's for sure.  Several spawning issues.  But it's moments like these that keep me coming back.
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He didn't actually "know" that it would work, but it was worth a shot.  He knew where he was standing because he had killed me and I was shouting out his location in the headset.  A bit of good guessing and banking luck and there's your result!

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This was very random.  We are a bit obsessed with tomahawk kills in the game so we throw them at every conceivable moment.  This was just one time that my brother EyCeD's random guessing of an enemy's location (combined with a little luck on the banking) paid off.  You can see me die at the beginning and I am calling out where he is, then the hilarity ensues.

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@sdornan: ...really?  Was that necessary?
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I'm pretty good at covering up my farts in public.

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Just go fight Noob Saibot and you'll figure it out.

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@Gap said:
" People still play this?! "
It's funny you say this.  I just now got around to starting a serious attempt at completing the game even though I purchased it when it came out :)
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